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    Well you're probably viewing this because of the clickbait title. I was going to talk about the community. Remember those times when Minecraft wasn't filled with toxic 12 year olds, mods and tons of servers? And those times when minecraft videos werent a huge thing? Good days, good nostalgia. Wanted to share this awesome theme song remix made by C418 (not me) :3
  2. In my opinion, the win percentage change was good to an extent, because the winning chance fuelled the commenting of "I hope I win" through emphasising that the winning chance was really low. After making a poll around 2/3 of the feedback on the removal was negative. Backlash usually happens with change, but it should go in a week. Poll > https://scrap.tf/polls/O4AMQG Original post (i think) on removal of winning chance > https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/16860-stricter-rules-for-raffle-commenting/?tab=comments#comment-62820
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  4. On my scrap.tf profile, I am unable to see the trades I've made, even though it should be over 200. It was working at some point earlier before, around the time when I first joined but then it stopped working. I haven't done anything that I know of that may have affected it to not work. I've tried logging out and back in to refresh my steam account, but it hasnt worked. Thanks for looking into this! https://scrap.tf/profile/2171120
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