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  1. That kinda just shows that you haven't read the rules carefully. I know you've heard it tons of times, but when you finish reading all the rules carefully then the badge of shame will get removed from your profile. I can assure you that if you "think" there is a bug then it's not a bug, just you not reading the rules. If you know there's a bug in you still having a badge after very carefully reading through all the rules, and for sure 100% know, then contact H&S, and I mean you are 100% positive that there's a site error because neet doesn't need any spam on the "reading the rules not working" help. I do think that's highly unlikely, however. Just actually read through all the rules carefully and you'll be fine, (don't lie to yourself).
  2. quac


    Well you're probably viewing this because of the clickbait title. I was going to talk about the community. Remember those times when Minecraft wasn't filled with toxic 12 year olds, mods and tons of servers? And those times when minecraft videos werent a huge thing? Good days, good nostalgia. Wanted to share this awesome theme song remix made by C418 (not me) :3
  3. Personally I don't agree with the idea for this reason. Your intention seems that you care more about what you can win or what you're more likely to win in. There's nothing really wrong with that, but if the idea was to be implemented, then, it would take away from the idea of raffling, (building the community, getting to hear other raffler's stories, etc). It's kind of one step towards having a "join all raffles" button, where it encourages people to look for winning side of raffles rather than the community part of raffles. It would seem to be more detrimental than helpful. Just my opinion.
  4. Does that mean everyone will get the kudos badge? Only people who did it the first time get the badge right?
  5. Thanks for getting the name right, without the capitalisation. How would the "new profile badge work"? And how would it interact with current people with the badge honest user who read rules badge? Honestly I don't think the badge will work. I can't go too much into detail, but if it said something like "This user has read the rules!" Then the current badge for reading the rules may have to be rephrased which may give away information. Perhaps to encourage people to actually read the rules, adding casualness to the message box will help. Maybe a picture of a ducc with a smile saying something friendly like "Reading the rules can help give everyone a more enjoyable experience on scrap.tf". If it's going to say something direct and commanding (telling the person what to do) for example, "make sure to read our rules", it can really make a person less willing to read the rules, or if they do read the rules, have them rush through it. This is just from my opinion and observations from seeing a psychologist. The ducc. Make sure to have the ducc.
  6. When you look at your site inventory, you can see what items are in which bots, so you know which ones you can withdraw at once. This should apply when creating auctions, but unfortunately not. Yes, most people would know which items are in which bot when they deposit their items, but if a metal/key auction is being made for item bids, and the metal in the site inventory is located throughout different bots, then its hard to know which pieces of metal to select when creating the auction when there isnt any divider to show which metal belongs in the one bot. Mostly applies when you create a lot of auctions, and get metal across different auctions. Thanks for your time! ❤️
  7. So when you queue for a trade, and the trade offer is sent, you have to go into the trade window to cancel the trade offer. Sometimes people are too lazy to cancel it, so they just wait it out, but if other people want to get the item (say if its in banking) then they have to wait. I know trade bots can cancel trades as I've seen in backpack.tf so it should be able to be done with the scrap.tf bots? Having a decline trade button on the scrap.tf site instead of having to open the trade offer then decline, will encourage people to decline the trade if they're not going to accept it anyways, to allow for it to be easier for everyone.
  8. In the terms of service https://scrap.tf/terms, Under termination, it is stated the the user must agree that they will not Perform a charge back in any form after donating PayPal funds to ScrapTF and successfully receiving benefits. This is outdated because PayPal was removed from donating. (from what I've read). So perhaps it should be changed so its correct. Wow someone actually read the terms of service? Also did you know that you could receive an account ban for not notifying staff that an error occured in a bot. Go read the terms of service.
  9. In my opinion, the win percentage change was good to an extent, because the winning chance fuelled the commenting of "I hope I win" through emphasising that the winning chance was really low. After making a poll around 2/3 of the feedback on the removal was negative. Backlash usually happens with change, but it should go in a week. Poll > https://scrap.tf/polls/O4AMQG Original post (i think) on removal of winning chance > https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/16860-stricter-rules-for-raffle-commenting/?tab=comments#comment-62820
  10. Definitely agree. If restricting grey users from commenting would be too harsh, then perhaps encouraging users to comment positively would be a lot better. To be completely honest, I reckon no grey user has a bad intention when commenting "I hope I win". So by informing these users that commenting without contributing to the discussion, commenting spammy comments, etc aren't that helpful, then perhaps it'll help out with reducing the amount of spam. Something like this doesn't seem too harsh, and doesn't seem to risk any backlash occuring? Perhaps this could be implemented by having a message appear every time a grey user clicks on the commenting box, informing about not doing spam comments, with an example, etc. Until the grey user becomes a blue user, then the message will stop appearing. Once again, the message will let the user know what to and what not to comment because I'm sure barely any of them know that such comments are really spammy and not helpful. With this information tip, there should be (in theory) less spammy comments. Just a rough suggestion but I'm sure it can be changed around. Would this idea be alright?
  11. Perhaps having an option to be able to view more auctions on one page would be nice, since having to constantly change pages can be a little bit annoying
  12. Agree with this, idea seems good and there's not really a huge drawback, since people can already get a rough idea on the winning chance from raffle entries. Also how will the spam prevention be implemented? Blacklisting phrases like i hope i win doesn't really seem right coz idk it just doesn't, and besides can be bypassed by rewording sentence. Still, new people saying generic new people stuff kinda needs to end tho
  13. So emotes can be in raffle titles (im 99% sure), but why can't they be in auction titles? Doesn't seem too hard to add in, and it's good to make it consistent throughout the site? Thanks for viewing! ❤️
  14. This is similar to auctions, as the 3 minute cooldown for auctions is actually until my computer clock hits the 3 minute mark after the previous auction made
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