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  1. Yea I agree, half the time I'll trade an item and then have to go to my trade history to find the bot then get their backpack.ff and check if it is hard to do for all u could always put it on items above a certain amount
  2. I like Doom but it's slightly violent Slime rancher is really relaxing Shellshock live is a kind of 2d turn based shooter with unlockable weapons at new levels and upgrade after use pretty fun game to chill on.
  3. Digger_


    Ive played this for like 6 years since 1.6.4 don't play as much now a days and to be honest tf2 runs better than Minecraft but why. _.
  4. I would say about 6-7 as sellers on backpack.tf at 7 except for 2 just below and buyers at like 5.2keys depends on if u wanna spend more time tryna get high price
  5. Getting an understab on a scout and then two matador In a row (ik some people can do that easy but I'm not that good) or the one time I started a conga line in high tower and my friend was the best player with just heavy Taunt kills
  6. I wish engineer could have something like that cause sentry jumping.
  7. Trade To Pay my auction bid is stuck on preparing since like 7 hours ago i made a public post but it got deleted? what the heck! will i get banned  even though i cant pay bid?!?


    Edit: Im really scared im gonna get a ban i just want to pay auction bid :(

  8. I had a bug with my inventory and you said you told Geel but when will i know when its fixed

  9. Please help i dont even care if you delete my 5 refined, i made an auction they didnt pay the bid so  tried to withdraw said the item id was missing and never reappeared, i made a post but it was deleted and i cant deposit stuff for my secret santa!






    1. ToQu


      Same here and I'm waiting for 3days and noone have any clue for my problem 🤕

    2. *Terminal 7*

      *Terminal 7*

      Same hereeeee  🙁


  10. dang he is on here alot also i made a new post and it disappeared

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