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  1. I like Doom but it's slightly violent Slime rancher is really relaxing Shellshock live is a kind of 2d turn based shooter with unlockable weapons at new levels and upgrade after use pretty fun game to chill on.
  2. Digger_


    Ive played this for like 6 years since 1.6.4 don't play as much now a days and to be honest tf2 runs better than Minecraft but why. _.
  3. I would say about 6-7 as sellers on backpack.tf at 7 except for 2 just below and buyers at like 5.2keys depends on if u wanna spend more time tryna get high price
  4. Getting an understab on a scout and then two matador In a row (ik some people can do that easy but I'm not that good) or the one time I started a conga line in high tower and my friend was the best player with just heavy Taunt kills
  5. Digger_


    I wish engineer could have something like that cause sentry jumping.
  6. Trade To Pay my auction bid is stuck on preparing since like 7 hours ago i made a public post but it got deleted? what the heck! will i get banned  even though i cant pay bid?!?


    Edit: Im really scared im gonna get a ban i just want to pay auction bid :(

  7. I had a bug with my inventory and you said you told Geel but when will i know when its fixed

  8. Please help i dont even care if you delete my 5 refined, i made an auction they didnt pay the bid so  tried to withdraw said the item id was missing and never reappeared, i made a post but it was deleted and i cant deposit stuff for my secret santa!






    1. ToQu


      Same here and I'm waiting for 3days and noone have any clue for my problem 🤕

    2. *Terminal*


      Same hereeeee  🙁


  9. dang he is on here alot also i made a new post and it disappeared

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