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  1. When you win a key raffle but you cant trade till 21st because you changed phones :(

  2. why did my status get deleted

  3. Unfortunately, you are permanently banned from all Secret Santa events, as you are a registered non-gifter.


    I never even done secret santa on this site, the fuck lol.

    1. big black socks

      big black socks

      I never even done Secret Santa on this site, the fuck lmao

    2. Lukiday


      There is indeed a bug about this, as you can read in the sticky topic at the help&support forums. You should be able to appeal soon

  4. big black socks

    [x] Years of Service Badge.

    ​I investigated before suggesting, didn't really find anything. If you found anything please link it here, I think I can do it better
  5. big black socks

    [x] Years of Service Badge.

    I think Scrap.tf profile's are missing something... that is this badge. Since we have Join Date... ...Why not a badge with it? Sorry for the "Shite" picture, I made it for demonstration cause.
  6. big black socks

    How to get rich in CSGO?

    Tried it, ended up getting negev sand spray
  7. big black socks

    Took item, raffle didn't start :(

    Made a raffle with a background. Accepted trade offer, it said Verifying items. 30 mins passed, raffle dissapeared because items weren't verified. No raffu in history btw it sent me 2 trade offers.