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  1. why did my status get deleted

  2. Unfortunately, you are permanently banned from all Secret Santa events, as you are a registered non-gifter.


    I never even done secret santa on this site, the fuck lol.

    1. dope w.

      dope w.

      I never even done Secret Santa on this site, the fuck lmao

    2. Lukiday


      There is indeed a bug about this, as you can read in the sticky topic at the help&support forums. You should be able to appeal soon

  3. [x] Years of Service Badge.

    ​I investigated before suggesting, didn't really find anything. If you found anything please link it here, I think I can do it better
  4. [x] Years of Service Badge.

    I think Scrap.tf profile's are missing something... that is this badge. Since we have Join Date... ...Why not a badge with it? Sorry for the "Shite" picture, I made it for demonstration cause.
  5. How to get rich in CSGO?

    Tried it, ended up getting negev sand spray
  6. Took item, raffle didn't start :(

    Made a raffle with a background. Accepted trade offer, it said Verifying items. 30 mins passed, raffle dissapeared because items weren't verified. No raffu in history btw it sent me 2 trade offers.