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  1. I'd probably get banned for not understanding what I am saying.
  2. I'd do something, but there don't appear to be weapon skins.
  3. Banned for keeping a chain of empty banning reasons.
  4. Banned for using a phone. No distractions, this is a serious conversation about people being banned.
  5. Banned for factual inaccuracy. I'd never be within sneezing range of a slim-jim. Side note: me having pokerus would be rarer than being shiny. ok, maybe not, I don't know the chances of being a shiny me. Its somewhat in the air. Both are pretty low.
  6. you... but... logic... Banned for lack of it. (if I was posing as normal, I would have to be not normal. More likely I would be normal than shiny. somewhere around 8191/8192)
  7. If its becoming a thing for a lot of people now, something is going on. That is not good for either the people who use the site, the site, or both. Either a virus now makes ads on scrap.tf (more likely), or something happened to scrap.tf (less likely). Reminds me of the perils of my hopes of the future. People just have to ruin everything.
  8. Banned for... wait... that... statistics... but... to pose as normal.... I'd have to be shiny... what.
  9. Banned for posing as a shiny. I think the odds of that are really low.
  10. Yes. It would be a shame if it were locked. We would have a winner, but we would stop having all of the shenanigans we have seen here. I'd like to say this thread has more or less become the thread of shenanigans. Well, one of them.
  11. I disabled my ad blocker on scrap.tf, but I don't see any ads anywhere. you might have a virus problem.
  12. they want it locked when they are the last post, so that they win.
  13. The internet appears to be in full force in this thread. I will come back when things have died down.
  14. Banned for censorship. Evidence: ███████
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