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  1. No, I don't mean edit the "Step-By-Step Solution" when doing the puzzle, I mean after. Sometimes when we end making a puzzle maybe we forgot to say something on the hints or made a mistake with the code when using bold or other BBC codes. This can't be edited when pressing the "Edit" button, you can edit the password and message, but not the "Step by step" part, and probably canceling it and making it by zero or explaining something in the comments or asking a staff member can take more time than the expected. So, if there isn't any problem, I would like to suggest the option to edit the "Step by step" of a puzzle raffle when the user already created it with a new raffle URL. Thanks!
  2. I have been thinking on a little idea... "Everybody" knows that you can see the amount of money that a user have donated in Scrap.Tf going to his/her profile but, how much money he/she donated with the raffles? With this i mean that it would be cool have also a part of the profile info where you can see how much money cost ALL that you have raffled in total. For example, if X user made 4 raffles, (The first raffle contains a key, the second one a ref, the third a craft hat and the last one 2 keys), in the profile it should put a total (aproximatedly) of 3.22 dollars. I know that this idea is not very important, but i think it would be a cool feature to add in the next update of the site.
  3. I would like to see this as an emoji, anyways here is a emoji, edited with Photoshop: Edited: Name of the emoji :scared:
  4. Hi! I want to say that in the raffle page, the number of raffles entered by you still broken, can it be fixed please? Thanks for reading also.
  5. Thanks For The Appreciation!!!
  6. I forget the rules can be implemented. Profile improvements rules: 1-Saving Profile Designs: -Do not save profile designs who are offensive or NSFW. (Just follow the general rules(Community Rules>General)). 2-Tridimensional: -Do not save profile tridimensional pictures who are offensive or NSFW. (Just follow the general rules(Community Rules>General)). Just remember to follow the rules and you will be fine, hope you liked the post!
  7. Basically, this is an idea for new things to add in the profiles and some improvements : Profile Improvements: 1- Save profile designs: This means you can have X slots to save profile uploads, for example: You are premium, and you are in halloween with a sp00ky profile; a scary profile pic, a scary description of your profile and a little spooky description down your profile pic. When halloween is over, you want to change your profile page to normal BUT, you want to save the Halloween design for the next one, is this when this slots are used for save your profile page designs! Limitations: Non-Users: -Don't have any slot or only 1. Users: -3 or 2 slots, maximum 4 slots. (For example, you begin with 2 slots, and you will win 1 slot per X raffles (this includes every type of raffle) created, BUT, you can't get them by doing all of raffles in 1 day, the system will only get 2 raffles per day, so, if you made a total of X raffles what you need, you get a slot (max 4 slots)) as user). Premium: -5 slots, maximum 7. Premium+: -8 slots, maximum 10. Super premium: -11 slots, maximum 14. 2-Tridimensional. A little feature for Super Premiums, Affiliates, Contributors and Supports (and of course other high roles like Owner or Moderators), with this i mean that some profile pictures can go outside of his frames. Examples at the end of the post. But, with words, for example, if you have a unicorn in your profile picture, you will be able to make that horn come out of the profile pic! There can be 2 options to do this (or more, as you want guys): 1- Call an staff member to change it. 2-Make a editor, this can be harder, in this case there can be 2 editors: Easy: Automatic Upload, Not So Much Options, The User Don't Need To Know Much About Edit Images. Hard: Mannually Upload, A Bunch Of Tools, The User Must Know Some Things About Edit Images. (With Automatic/Mannually upload i mean, in the automatic, following the example, the system will automaticaly select the horn and put it going out, manually means that you need to select the entire part you want to get out by yourself). This can be interesting. Scrap.Tf Other Improvement: Restrictions about buying in the different banks. When you go to, for example, the hat banking, you have the option to see ALL of the cosmetics that can be selected to buy, but, when you select one, a bunch of the others can't be bought, maybe this is because the page can send to you the others because they aren't on the same bot. But in Marketplace.Tf you don't have that problems, the page send to you a bunch of trades. So, maybe it can be implemented than you can get the hats you want with not restrictions (but with a limit, for example, 20 maximum cosmetics you can get), with some trade offers. Well, hope the staff like this! Have a nice day!
  8. A crappy emoji i want to be able to use in Scrap.Tf. :mimic: Hope you guys like it and have a nice day!
  9. One punch man is also a good one if you want to see it (PD: I don't see so much animes)
  10. Also sorry for all problems i maked Thanks
  11. How i see the raffles i maked?Because i maked a event raffle ;_;
  12. Pls write what do you think is going to be on this update: 1-Maps: 2-Weapons: 3-Hats: 4-Other: Have a nice day!
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