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  1. This clarified some things, and I cannot disagree with the reason of banning Pillzman, I don't see any text edit and really surprises me what kind of "person" he is. However, there are still A LOT of holes on both sides, and because one of them is silenced for X behaviours, I also want to ask one thing: I saw a lot of attack messages from certain members on the posts of the users who where attacking you, but mostly from a certain user who has been attacking them and defending you, but instead of doing like you and giving evidence of why he disregarded about the opposite opinions, he (or she id
  2. Hi! I want to say that in the raffle page, the number of raffles entered by you still broken, can it be fixed please? Thanks for reading also.
  3. One punch man is also a good one if you want to see it (PD: I don't see so much animes)
  4. Also sorry for all problems i maked Thanks
  5. How i see the raffles i maked?Because i maked a event raffle ;_;
  6. Pls write what do you think is going to be on this update: 1-Maps: 2-Weapons: 3-Hats: 4-Other: Have a nice day!
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