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  1. Well, we already got selling/buying csgo skins for TF2 currency, so why not make csgo keys also sellable/buyable for metal and TF2 keys? I mean, eh, i'm not experienced trader so i don't know would that really be popular much, but it kinda seems like another step to take after getting the skin trading in place. Still it could lead to some stock shortage or reverse situation, depends on amount of people migrating from/to TF2
  2. I think what he meant what are free guns DLC owners would still use And imo M308 is one of best DMRs in the game, and a free one too, i used it a lot before i switched over to proper sniper rifles Speaking of sniper rifles, Platypus 70 is one of my favs and it also is a free weapon Out of secondary weapons i also like locomotive, the judge, 5/7 and krinkov
  3. I like the change buut not exactly a fan of those new reactions, dunno imo all of the added ones except the "thanks" are kinda useless.
  4. Since i got 2 of my stuff already added as chat icon, there are some requirements, it must be a 60x60 pic, all black, semi transparent (about 60% opacity if i recall right (153 decimal value), you should ask Jesse maybe), the pic you used was a taaad too small to be proper material so i just made my own thing, hope this is good enough
  5. Ummm... what? Care to explain what this is about? i think not using actual name of the system would only make your suggestion less likely to even be considered, why would you do that?
  6. I don't exactly understand what do you mean by this. Do you mean like pay 30 ref and get 1 ref each day for rest of month, or get 1 ref plus some extra metal like in a bank account? Anyway, neither of those would serve any real purpose, second could result in loss and both could be a tad annoying to implement, so yeah this idea seems kinda dumm.
  7. "You have entered 12,709 public raffles in total and won 181 items from 157 raffles." Yep i think that's a good number
  8. Jenner IIC

    Chat box

    I don't think we need it, i mean, what would make it preferable over just using normal chat?
  9. Jenner IIC

    Chat box

    Blue box with text clouds on it in left up corner under navbar on scrap.tf page
  10. Is this still considered music?
  11. Make one and suggest in emote suggestions, easy as that.
  12. If someone wants to raffle some good items because they feel generous and can afford it, that's great. If someone writes some interesting story, wants to share their insight or some topic, wants to show their newest art or stuff like that, it's also great. Or If someone thinks just raffling something once a week with similar theme every time gonna be fun, then it's great too. Basically every raffle that isn't made just trying to advertise something, so made without profiting in some way in mind.
  13. Iunno Yosh told me to suggest those: :xaesmug: :xaescared: :xaeangry:
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