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  1. I think what he meant what are free guns DLC owners would still use And imo M308 is one of best DMRs in the game, and a free one too, i used it a lot before i switched over to proper sniper rifles Speaking of sniper rifles, Platypus 70 is one of my favs and it also is a free weapon Out of secondary weapons i also like locomotive, the judge, 5/7 and krinkov
  2. I like the change buut not exactly a fan of those new reactions, dunno imo all of the added ones except the "thanks" are kinda useless.
  3. "You have entered 12,709 public raffles in total and won 181 items from 157 raffles." Yep i think that's a good number
  4. Is this still considered music?
  5. If someone wants to raffle some good items because they feel generous and can afford it, that's great. If someone writes some interesting story, wants to share their insight or some topic, wants to show their newest art or stuff like that, it's also great. Or If someone thinks just raffling something once a week with similar theme every time gonna be fun, then it's great too. Basically every raffle that isn't made just trying to advertise something, so made without profiting in some way in mind.
  6. PC wallpaper I would also show my phone one but...
  7. I can't believe i'm doing this So uh, recently made that upgrade from win 7 to 10 and even though i first i didn't like it, i... i kinda love the thing at the moment, it made really good first impression on me. Hell i even like the new design which i thought to be stupid before that upgrade, but i almost instantly got used to it and quite like the level of customisation i have. Just don't tell Microsoft senpai i pirated his software So uhh, anybody else using Win 10 and wants to say some good things about it? Or maybe cool stuff to do with it?
  8. Granted, but it somehow withers. i wish for a nice cup of coffee
  9. okay guys calm down. This site bears some graphical similarities, yes, it have similar ideas, yes, but it have some things it does differently. Is it ripoff territory already, taking inspiration or pure coincidence, iunno that's for you to decide yourself, just pls don't make any silly wars between sites, nobody will win and it'll just leave bitter taste in mouth as everybody throws rotten tomatoes at each other.
  10. granted, but it's password locked and you don't know it i wish i had better phone
  11. Granted, they like them so much that they get mad when you say anything other than puns I wish for a shiny knife
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