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  1. A strange Unusual Captain Cardbeard with burning flames effect painted white,renamed something that I can't think of right now and custom desc.Also it has to be prof ks and uncraft
  2. So lately I've been getting more and more errors.If I try to enter a raffle a lot of the time it will show me an orange bar at the top telling me to refresh and then I click again and it tells me I'm already in the raffle.Sometimes it just shows me an orange bar that says nothing randomly,even when not clicking any raffle/auction.Sometimes the whole site fails and I cannot do anything for minutes.It's never a problem with my browser but my internet has been acting up a bit ever since Virgin bought my internet provider.This is probably in the support somewhere and I am dumb and did not see it.A
  3. I would spoon a cookie but the crumbs would get in yo- both
  4. I use,Cosmetics-wise, Cute Suit painted Deep Salmon Injustice,Pyro's Beanie and Sight For Sore Eyes :~)
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