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    I'm not gay but Narancia has a nice butt.
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  1. F2P haters

    They view f2p users as new to the game and therefore skillless
  2. What if every bullet you shoot makes the audio "pootis"

    I'd turn off my volume
  3. game is bugged (need help translate chinese)

    Did you try reinstalling?
  4. How do I report a hacker on the scrap.tf server?

    Thank you for your helpful input
  5. Problems with the site belong here: https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/
  6. Wow

    I never noticed
  7. Ability to ban user from entering your future auctions

    This has been suggested so many times before, you probably shouldn't even bother putting it in suggestions
  8. I'm not gay, but Brock is the hottest person to ever exist...

    1. Pyrokip


      Speedwagon is hotter than Brock

    2. Adine the Banana Wyvern

      Adine the Banana Wyvern

      No, Brock is you uncultured swine!!!

  9. Genuine AWPer Hand in nut shell

    Go look for real people who would want to buy it on the many other trading sites.
  10. How many raffles have you entered.

    You have entered 14,937 public raffles in total and won 128 items from 120 raffles.
  11. Memes are the only way to survive.

  12. Genuine AWPer Hand in nut shell

    I'm gonna assume you're complaining about it being half a weapon. Everything in the weapon bot is worth half a weapon.
  13. don't know how to install

    why would you buy something you didn't know how to use it in the first place? Just go on steam and you should have an alert that you're getting a new game, go to it and accept it.
  14. Items that were used to bid on auctions gone?

    You can't make any modifications to your items or else their code won't match what was put into the auction, keep that in mind for the future