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  1. Stock Luger Sandman
  2. Never don't ask about marketplace here
  3. We only know one god, and that is Geel.
  4. Site questions go in help and support, no one is allowed to answer out of there. is it that hard to notice the help and support section?
  5. whenever they want hidden shrug
  6. why not learn pyro
  7. Sounds pretty good to me tbh
  8. Hmm, this might actually belong in the bug report section maybe
  9. nah that'll cause massive community backlash
  10. Site questions belong in: Auction payment is 24 or so hours, i dunno i woke up 3 minutes ago
  11. Is this a jojo reference?

  12. Ok
  13. What's the point of wanting a join all raffle button? It would only take like 2 minutes to be a silly goose and not read the raffles
  14. I think he's talking about market place
  15. then why defend it? OwO