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  1. Item ideas!

    I want a gun that makes pyro competitively viable.
  2. Banking Crates

    Suggested before, it's a no.
  3. Up-to-Date List of Server Problems & Suggestions

    I wanna be called an asshole in serious again :^(
  4. Censoring Option

    That's the joke
  5. Censoring Option

    Tf2 is rated M, the game has plenty of swearing in it not including other players. So there shouldn't even be kids to worry about. :^) But I do know plenty of people who dislike swearing so sure why not.
  6. Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag

    Starco you're better than this, play any other mobile app
  7. Scrap is sucks

    Got you Honestly I rate this shitpost a 2/10. Not even a good meme.
  8. Question about Mobile Authenticator

    You still have to wait the 7 days because creating a raffle involves a trade. Also site questions go into help and support
  9. Thanks for the items.

  10. A simple suggestion for the servers

    Heck yeah
  11. Auction suggestion

    This has been suggested so many times before And here's something Ben said about this:
  12. Add Ruble(Russian money) in marketplace

    Dude this is from January and the owner of the site even said they're in the wrong forum, why even bother responding?
  13. Hiding entered raffles.

  14. look at this duck

    It is a very nice duck.
  15. Need help with naming an unusual.

    Something something desert of love something something Adventurer for love something something me no good at names