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  1. >implying
  2. >implying I'm wrong
  3. No I pay for items to give away in raffles Also I live in America still nerd
  4. normie
  5. Sorry but that's the wrong job, I'm a Mexican so I do yard work >:^(
  6. A job always works, look at me I got a "job" so I could buy tf2 items I would just raffle off
  7. P O L L E N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. You're the one living with normies for I have a better stand now 「A FUCKING GUN」
  9. But I have the power of T H E W O R L D
  10. refined metal means one refined is this what you meant to ask?
  11. i will meme all of you to death
  12. One guy posting memes does not equal meme sharing
  13. what?
  14. Oh that's something new, thank God I barely trade anymore