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    I'm not gay but Narancia has a nice butt.
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  1. Salted

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    Too bad it comes out too late for me to enjoy it during band competitions.
  2. Salted

    Problem with inventory

    Wrong area to post these threads, please go to the help and support section
  3. Salted

    TF2 Scope not Working

    Did you try right clicking harder?
  4. Salted

    No Sandviches Left In Bots

    Well clearly, the staff are just trying to hoard all the sandviches for themselves, so they can make the ultimate sandvich. or maybe, out of all the tens of thousands of people here, people just buy them quickly
  5. Salted


    As someone once said "raffles are just payed blog posts." This function would take out the reading aspect of it even though a lot of people don't read anyways a lot, just like a join all raffles button
  6. You guys ever just breathe?

    1. Lofi on Hifi

      Lofi on Hifi

      i prefer not to.... :csdsmile:

  7. Salted

    What would you do if you could get a free golden pan?

    Sell it so I can buy things that I actually like
  8. Salted

    Our lord and saviour

    You cannot receive help
  9. if you didn't know who they were before, then you'll never know
  10. Nope that system has always been around. Why let Grinches waste people's time?
  11. they've done that for the past years, but they've finally had enough and made a whole huge deal about it being a permagrinch
  12. That's a downright shame, but oh well enjoy not doing this anymore
  13. Salted

    Banned from secret Santa ;-;

    You guys might wanna go to help and support and file a ticket.
  14. Salted

    How do trees make babies?

    this is a shitty thread, delet this