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  1. Only Aussie I like are the lawnchair and medigun, but normal festive best <3
  2. Uh well we have price lists, but if you need help with the site go to help and support or live support
  3. read the rules All will be revealed
  4. People just using the cool new gun they found on the ground
  5. Wat?
  6. I've been beanboozled

  7. hmm i wonder if this would be a help and support question wait this is bait... fuck
  8. All of anime is bad except for Jojo and the reason Jojo is exempt is because of my favourite stand A F U C K I N G G U N
  9. Hmmmmmmmmmm The Bills is more noticeable
  10. I guess it's already been answered, but if you have questions with the site it'd be better to ask in live support or to make a thread in help and support.
  11. Because someone else bought them?
  12. Wrong forum please post questions involving the site in the help and support forum after checking all other means of help or check the archive to see if this problem has already been solved.
  13. i dunno if we're allowed to do that though.
  14. I see you make posts and that's it