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  1. :derpshay: :derpzoro: :derpjesse: credits to Shaymi-san for making the originals
  2. If so, then don't add the range then :v Edit: the range IS the strange and unique stuff. This is a more fun approach, not something super serious for the site that could benefit it in an extremely good way. This is similar to raffling.
  3. thats what the item/time limit is for plus, its only a 1:1 exchange
  4. Here is my suggestion. I know you don't accept trading suggestions, but this is a bit different. With Secret Santa already knocking at the door, I had an idea. Introducing...Wonder Trading! What is wonder trading? It is originally from the Pokemon games, where you can trade a random pokemon to a random person, and you don't know what you'll get in return. For scraptf, it uses the similar coding to Secret Santa, with the random choosing an all, but you just enter the queue with the item you want to give away, and be paired with someone else also using the system, but both don't know what the other is giving. I know it looks similar, but it could be really fun. To make more difference, how about a limit to what you can wonder trade away, and how many times a day until a cooldown occurs. This is just for people not to abuse it, trying to make mad profit. Limits such as only unique and strange items, and maybe 10-15 times a day. Thanks for reading. If any more ideas, please share.
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    banned for too many hashtags
  6. Does anyone know the fate of the universe? Does it involve advanced aliens?
  7. It's ya boi Guzma!

  8. I would like to make a suggestion on the Top Rafflers page of the site. Couple users up there have been banned, but still are up there. Why? If they aren't coming back to the site and are inactive, why keep them up there? Kind of takes up places that other rafflers want to get to. Taking them off opens those spaces. I'm only suggesting this for the banned users, not to take down anyone else. Thanks for reading
  9. TonyB

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    Banned for thinking logically who uses logic in this world of technology anyway?
  10. Maybe multiple servers? MGE, Dodgeball, regular tf2 with alternating maps, 6v6s etc
  11. TonyB

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    Banned for illegal commerce of bans
  12. Just a "reskin" as you would say, for certain events in scrap.tf For example the Christmas event last year had a badge featured on your profile if you participated in the Secret Santa section of the event. Why not for TotH too? It is indeed a huge event in the TF2 community, and seen as scrap.tf hosts it this year, why not have a badge to those who did donate $10 or more? Gives some incentive to donate. Still goes to the cause.
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