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    I draw n stuff. Play TF2 and Pokemon.
    Shaymi-san is bae <3

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  1. tony

    You're banned

    banned for too many hashtags
  2. Does anyone know the fate of the universe? Does it involve advanced aliens?
  3. It's ya boi Guzma!

  4. tony

    You're banned

    Banned for thinking logically who uses logic in this world of technology anyway?
  5. Maybe multiple servers? MGE, Dodgeball, regular tf2 with alternating maps, 6v6s etc
  6. tony

    You're banned

    Banned for illegal commerce of bans
  7. Got Super D I am super booper dooper

  8. EXAMS!







  9. physics exam tomorrow weeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Rasmumas


      Weil gluck! (good luck in german)


    2. Rasmumas
  10. I am not going to post bunnies for the sake of comedy
  11. Give me determination to be a better fluff

  12. tony

    Corrupt a wish :3

    granted, except that it gets too cancerous and gets thrown away with the rest of them I wish to be a better artist
  13. sometimes artwork, others for fun. Raffled Unusuals for some specific dates as well
  14. tony

    You're banned

    banned for being gooey That's just gross, but smart
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