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  1. I know Deltarune Ch. 1's nearly three months old now but here's this anyway :thancer:
  2. Okay I like it I think it could be extremely useful ...but let's make it transparent just because why not
  3. Because you used a bad resizing of the source, rather than the original sprite. Let's start over. https://imgur.com/a/Az9dnsm (used an Imgur gallery to save some clutter) Finished product:
  4. :SurprisedPika: (original) :IsabelleDab: (original) :thinkception: EDIT: jesus, I'm getting buried by a bunch of super-premiums suggesting self-themed emotes that exactly one person is ever going to use and then will be deleted because approximately nobody ever used them EDIT 2: whoops, didn't see the 3-emote limit. Fixed.
  5. New letter emotes :bigA: :bigB: (could be combined with for "Beep!") And a new emote for when people don't realize saying "tip" disables the tip button :hypertip: Also a fixed version of @Profile Lame's suggestion to be 1:1 (and also higher res) :objection:
  6. How about this: Take the average of the usage count of :bigP: and :ika:. If the average is still below 100, delete both of them; otherwise, keep them. As an example, if a store sells two things, but one of them is approximately never sold, it doesn't make sense for the entire store to close unless the sales of the other item don't make up for the lack of sales of the never-selling one.
  7. I'm strongly against the removal of :bigP:. I think we need more letter-based emoticons, and I definitely want to keep the ones we have. Also the gote emotes are cute but I've rarely seen a use for them so I wouldn't miss them too much.
  8. It's still not fixed. This has been an issue since Tough Break, two and a half years ago.
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