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  1. (This only pertains to private rooms on chat.scrap.tf) Sometimes I have a piece of music that I want to put into the jukebox, but it doesn't allow anything over 10 minutes. I understand that this is meant to prevent 10 hour meme songs, but in a private room setting you generally know that this won't happen because you trust the members more. Could there be an option to disable this feature in the room settings? Like in the Permissions section: Please let me know if you have any questions about what I'm requesting. Thank you!
  2. Values of items can change over time as well (eg refined metal).
  3. What is a text to speech program?
  4. Banned for criticizing others.
  5. Banned for being too sneaky
  6. Banned for saying newbie.
  7. An Unusual Cheater's Lament with Abduction. 1) You can't ever get that hat unless you already own it. 2) Abduction is best. 3) Reasons.
  8. banned for editing their post
  9. this was covered in another post https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/6544-incorrectly-sized-picturesdisplay-in-raffles/
  10. Banned for keeping this thread going
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