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    Computer processors (HDLs, VLSI, semiconductor stuff), cardio (spaghetti-arm syndrome), and videogames.

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  1. Banned for criticizing others.
  2. Banned for being too sneaky
  3. An Unusual Cheater's Lament with Abduction. 1) You can't ever get that hat unless you already own it. 2) Abduction is best. 3) Reasons.
  4. banned for editing their post
  5. this was covered in another post https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/6544-incorrectly-sized-picturesdisplay-in-raffles/
  6. Banned for keeping this thread going
  7. On occasion after entering a raffle or going back to raffle page profile pictures will become square and not fit, usually cutting off the bottom half and taking up the entire area where the profile picture circle is. I tried this and it occurs on iOS 9 and Windows. Images:
  8. The items were probably overstocked. or ScrapTF couldn't find your backpack, in which case, try again after some time.
  9. can you be a little more helpful with your description? could you not enter a raffle? could you not trade? did the site block you? did your home ip get banned? did your computer get banned from scrapTF? this may have already been added to the bug forum here https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/6215-search-bug/
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