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    Recently i found your topic about "chat Junkbox"

    Sorry if it sounds i dont know anything but... Is it an actual Scra.tf service?

    Or is it just an idea (proyect) of Implementing this function?

     Thank you for your attention :3


  2. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. fire




  3. Yo yo yo, it's goat boy again. This is probably best explained by a handy-dandy gif. When you're putting your items into a raffle or something, your screen occasionally jumps up. This is kinda lame when you're trying to select a bunch of items at once, but your position on the page keeps jumping. It would be neat if this didn't happen, and I could spam-click my refined metal to put it all into the raffle without accidentally selecting other items/having to go back and click the items I missed. baaa♥
  4. Heloo! I was wondering if you think it'd be neat to have a little progress bar for the Jukebox! Obviously it doesn't need to be red if you don't think it fits. Maybe the colour could even change based on the theme you currently have on! (So for lunar mode it'd be white on grey, for purple mode it'd be purple on grey, for dark mode it'd be a grey on grey, etc. Idunno you're the boss :3 ) Maybe if you're feelin' crazy you could even hover over the bar and see a timestamp. Maybe you could even click to certain points in the song if you wanna skip to a certain bit :0 Then there's other misc. stuff like showing the duration of the song, maybe a countdown to the end, a skip forwards/backwards 5 seconds button, blah blah baa baa etc. etc. TLDR: I think having a progress bar for songs in the Jukebox would be real dang neat. Baa baaa baaa♥ - Lox
  5. Hellooo :0 Normally when typing in a chatroom, I (and I'm sure some other people) use the up and down arrow keys to jump forward and back in the line of text I'm writing. I use this keyboard shortcut in Discord, Steam, and in other online chats, so it's kind of becoming second-nature at this point. Here's an example: When I do it in the Cuddle Box however, both the up and down arrow keys take me to my most recent message to edit it. Doing this also deletes the message I was in the middle of writing! My suggestion is that; if there's already text in the input box, you wouldn't be able to edit your most recent message by using the up or down arrow keys. It would instead move your typing cursor to the beginning of the message (for up arrow), or the end of your message (for down arrow). I really love using the up and down arrows to edit messages, but it could be restricted to only being possible when the input box is clear of any text. TL;DR: If there's already text in the input box, stop making the up and down arrow keys go into 'edit message mode'. Thanks for reading baaa ♥
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