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  1. also, with the new changes made to the way join/leave messages work, it might be cool to have it so that messages sent before you logged into chat don't show up as new messages! whenever i log in, all my rooms are blue and i gotta click on all of them to get rid of the blue
  2. Hug me or i will gonna commit smol slap

  3. Hello frends I had some ideas for chat (making stuff a little tiny bit easier), I dunno if they're any good but here I go: 1. Adding the ability to sort your rooms in the "Join Room" window. Especially when you've been in chat for a long while and you've joined a whole lot of rooms, it'd be nice to be able to sort rooms alphabetically, by how often you've joined or sent messages in each room, or by how much time you've spent in a room. 2. Having a way to join a preset list of rooms. For lack of better terms, it'd be like a loadout for your rooms. Say you wanted to join Home, the Donor Lounge, the Music room, and your friend's private room. Rather than individually joining each one, you could make a preset which, when selected, automatically joins those rooms without you needing to go in and out of the "Join Room" window like 4 times. Could be useful for circumstances in which you're joining on a new device, if your rooms get reset, or when you leave a bunch of rooms and want to rejoin. You could name the presets, or possibly assign individual custom colours to them if you're feeling particularly vibrant. 3. Moving the "Create Room" button in the action bar to a brand-new right-click menu in the header. In a similar style to the current drop-down menu that appears when right-clicking a room name (https://lox.thebutt.expert/n330t5vu.png), it could be neat to move the "create room" button into it's own drop-down menu that appears when you right-click in the empty space between your rooms, or at the end of your room list. You could also move the "Join Room" button in there too so it wouldn't feel lonely. This would also have the added benefit of making it less likely that users accidentally click "Leave Current Room" instead of "Join Room". It might mess with the layout of things too much though so maybe not. iunno UwU 4. Making unlinked unique pages such as https://chat.scrap.tf/desktop accessible from somewhere. I don't actually know how many pages there are that are similar to this, so it might not be necessary, however I think the only way people can access these pages is by going through the pinned messages. Having a main page that links to tips/tricks like these, the changelog, and the Chat Minecraft server info might make the pinned messages tab a bit clearer, and would mean that people can find things like these more easily. 5. make a button that calls zoey a qt when u press it roaaroraor thats the end of my suggestions i hope u had fun weeeeeeee sorry for my incoherent and long sentences UwU

    Recently i found your topic about "chat Junkbox"

    Sorry if it sounds i dont know anything but... Is it an actual Scra.tf service?

    Or is it just an idea (proyect) of Implementing this function?

     Thank you for your attention :3


  5. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. fire




  6. Yo yo yo, it's goat boy again. This is probably best explained by a handy-dandy gif. When you're putting your items into a raffle or something, your screen occasionally jumps up. This is kinda lame when you're trying to select a bunch of items at once, but your position on the page keeps jumping. It would be neat if this didn't happen, and I could spam-click my refined metal to put it all into the raffle without accidentally selecting other items/having to go back and click the items I missed. baaa♥
  7. Heloo! I was wondering if you think it'd be neat to have a little progress bar for the Jukebox! Obviously it doesn't need to be red if you don't think it fits. Maybe the colour could even change based on the theme you currently have on! (So for lunar mode it'd be white on grey, for purple mode it'd be purple on grey, for dark mode it'd be a grey on grey, etc. Idunno you're the boss :3 ) Maybe if you're feelin' crazy you could even hover over the bar and see a timestamp. Maybe you could even click to certain points in the song if you wanna skip to a certain bit :0 Then there's other misc. stuff like showing the duration of the song, maybe a countdown to the end, a skip forwards/backwards 5 seconds button, blah blah baa baa etc. etc. TLDR: I think having a progress bar for songs in the Jukebox would be real dang neat. Baa baaa baaa♥ - Lox
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