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Questions Of Scrap.tf

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I'm just kind of curious to know these. Because you guys probably spend alot of time working on scrap.tf

So heres the list of questions

1. Do you get paid?

2. If so, is it in keys or some ingame currency, or real money.

3. Does Geel, as the owner, pay you all?

:ph34r: If anyone knows the answers to these, please tell me.

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1. Who you are asking to? If Geel and Jesse, then of course, they made this site to make profit anyway, especially from banking thingy. If it's Mod, S-Mod or any other staff, maybe, I don't know

2. Pretty much they get profit from in-game currencies, some real-money from donators. They can trade those to real money anyway

3. Geel is gud, Geel is life. Gaben is overrated

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