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  1. Hallowent Event Bugs Megathread

    I've found the secret link, but when I click on it, it doesn't let me complete the task "Jack-o-Candy"
  2. Update the search feature!

    I was trying to search for cosmetics from the Rainy Day Cosmetics Collection (Plumber's Cap, Field Practice, ect...), but the search isn't bringing anything up, even though there are Rainy Day cosmetics in the bots!
  3. Forums Still Have "Donor" Insted Of Premium

    Same with the servers
  4. Custom emote suggestions

  5. My sexy new Hoxton mask

    Have you still got the mask after 1,004 days?
  6. Why should I care about rules if everyone thinks I haven't read them

    1. Biagio


      scrap.tf uses mind reading technology if you read them one by one they will see