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  1. A friend directed me here after I told him about me not making any progress in TF2 in terms of cosmetics, extra weapons etc. (Besides the weekly weapon drops and like 2 hat drops within months). It helped a lot
  2. Three random songs together xP
  3. Now I know what some people think about point'n'click games... That they're old fashioned and their quality isn't very good. That it feels dumb to play with just the mouse and click stuff to solve silly puzzles which may annoy you to death. But in my opinion there are many good point'n'clickers which are quality games and worth their price, even in Steam. Here's a few I'd like to dedicate this topic to, besides any suggestions others may have: The Dream Machine by Cockroach Inc. / The Sleeping Machine - A point'n'click game made entirely out of clay and cardboard. Adventure, horror, a little bit of romance, sci-fi, mystery, puzzles... The story involves Victor Neff who's just moved to a new apartment with his wife. On their first day in the apartment Victor starts to investigate his surroundings and finds out that the mysterious landlord of the apartment, Mr. Morton, has a deep dark secret to hide from him and the other tenants... It's yet to receive its final chapter on May the 11th. Don't Starve (Together) by Klei Entertainment - A horroresque survival point'n'clicker where you must survive from starvation, beasts, weird critters, the weather, nature disasters and other things. Very fun, each game feels like an adventure of its own. Quite popular, actually, has quite a big community and lots of content from the devs and from the fans. Any games made by Amanita Design (ex. the Samorost series, Botanicula, Machinarium) - Gaining its success from free-Flash games, Amanita Design has made quite a few high quality point'n'clickers with unique themes and artwork, even winning awards for them. The Samorost series features a little space gnome and his sausage dog who adventure all around space fighting aliens, rescuing each other, solving weird and tuny puzzles and getting music pieces from the nature. A very nature-close series. Another nature-close game by them is Botanicula, starring a gang of little guys who must save the last magical seed from the evil spiders so they can grow another one. They meet a lot of weird characters and... Such. Then there's Machinarium. A robot-themed point'n'clicker with themes of love, loss, criminals and hatred. Has an amazing soundtrack and the visuals are beautiful. Grim Fandango (Remastered) by Lucas Entertainment / Remastered by Double Fine - A classic point'n'clicker telling the story of Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Manny Calavera, one of the working Grim Reapers, gets into trouble for not offering the right ticket to a fancy afterlife for a near-saint woman. He must find her but through out the years he ends up in different situations, such as running a succesful casino and sailing on the seas with an old boat with his demon friend. A great game for those interested in macabre stuff, jazz/big band music and an interesting story of criminals, fraud, love, revolution, gambling, poetry and especially... Death. Rusty Lake Hotel / Rusty Lake: Roots by Rusty Lake - Another point'n'click maker famous for their free Flash games on the Internet. Although their Steam games are also made in Flash *cough*, they still hold up to their free-predecessors' atmosphere: mystery, horror, puzzles and enigmas. She Remembered Caterpillars by jumpsuit entertainment UG - A colour-puzzle game revolving around love, loss and holding on. Hand-drawn. Very new, it was released only a few weeks or so ago. The devs call it a "fungipunk" adventure, as the story involves little mushroom / bacteria guys. I highly suggest this although I haven't played it to the end yet myself. Has a free demo in Steam. Peggle Deluxe by PopCap Inc. - The ultimate casual game there ever was. After all these years, it's still a great time-waster. Very simple. Then again, you can download a demo of this as well... If you read through all of this, thanks. I highly suggest that if you're interested in these games you go out and checkout their Steam store pages. Please make your own suggestions and lets have nice conversations of point'n'clickers! FPSs don't count unless they're fully playable with a mouse.
  4. (Super late post) Make videos where you walk in the nature and say something nice like information about the area or the nature or compliment the watcher (a feel-good) video. If you're camera shy then you could try to film some birds on your front yard. Or maybe make timelapse videos where you draw something. Or calligraphy. Or then you can game. But it's kind of a overused thing these days... Do what you see as best / makes you happy.
  5. Mildly interesting... It's cute though. Also, first post
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