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  1. Think of it like a call centre, except the people there aren't obliged to put up with you if you're a dopey twat. And also they don't get paid, so it's give and take.
  2. Why do I have to ruin so early?
  3. Gun Mettle keys are not accepted or sold by the Items bots.
  4. iirc Field-Tested and Well-Worn are the two most common wears. Battle-Scarred has demand among some because of how little is left and Minimal Wear and FN, being rarer and more pristine, tend to fetch better prices.
  5. I tried it out myself. A couple of superficial glitches but the OS itself worked fine. Issue was, as soon as I upgraded, TF2 started getting lag spikes. This has carried over into my revertion to Windows 8.1. It could be a coincidence and something to do with my internet, or it could be the OS. Just a word of warning.
  6. We have to - if we didn't, there would be no reason to continue the service. The margin made is generally rather fair, enough to ensure there's a constant stream in and out, to boot.
  7. That mindset is... I don't agree with it. The game should be balanced in all levels of play. Just because one area is less serious does not mean it can get away with downright broken things. The pub experience is, after all, what Valve created the game for. I feel (random) crits should be abolished because they do not add what they were intended to add and the majority of a person's experience with them are negative. They don't even work as intended. They were created to give a player on a losing streak a game-forced lucky break. Strangely, though, they reward players who have been doing more damage in the last 20s, which seems counterintuitive. also, what place does a game-forced lucky break have in a PvP game? Perhaps in a game focussed on PvE content, eith a side of PvP, but TF2 has no story mode, in fact, the only vE mode is vs bots, which is intended to simulate real players.
  8. Go to the Refunds subforum. Posting the same thread here 3 times achieves nothing.
  9. Tweets

    Dota 2

    I also prefer Dota. I'm not big on MOBAs, but Dota feels better thought-out, and the way it plays feels better. This is speaking mechanically, graphically, etc.
  10. Tweets


    I tried Hearthstone, didn't understand it very much and closed it. As a result, I have no clue what expansions etc even mean. I should look into it again sometime, but I still have barely any clue about how even the basics work.
  11. We'll change the prices to match the backpack.tf listing whenever the person in charge of tracking their prices feels that backpack.tf's listing is correct.
  12. Valve's official servers have them and people like myself aren't willing to go out of their way to find the five servers that have a few people on each of them just to have the game run in a way that is less prone to bullshit lucky occurrences.
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/440/Current Event Scattergun (Minimal Wear)
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