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  1. Hello everybody. I've come with a possible proposal to implement the plugin for !hop or !servers, to allow players to navigate to different servers of ours, for the purpose of want or need hereby. It came to my attention that in order to join the other servers, you have to console connect or physically disconnect and reconnect to the other servers. That might be a pain, especially if the IP addresses may not be accessible to some players. Implementing !hop or !servers, will be beneficial, especially if there's an event on a different server, and people want an easy way to change servers.
  2. Somewhat Up-to-Date List of Server Problems & Suggestions

    The servers definitely need to be restarted, or poasibly an entire reset is plausible.
  3. HTML/CSS Preview.

    A little video I decided to do to get people into Programming languages, and what cool shit to do with these starter languages. Thanks!
  4. when the servers are dead af


  5. How did you find out about scrap

    People who moderated it years ago.
  6. Your nickname?

    Mine was "Sangi" because people couldn't pronounce my last name : Sangiuliano... I hated high school... What was or is yours? ;D