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  1. With the introduction of scheduled raffles and the ability to create raffles in the future, it would be nice to be able to change the date/time that a raffle goes live when editing an already-created raffle, as it is impossible to do so currently and thus must cancel/remake the raffle at the correct time. Also while we're at it, the ability to change whether or not raffle comments are disabled through raffle editing would be nice as well and could solve some similar annoyances.
  2. Optimized Emote Size: Optimized Emote Size: Ever-so-Slight Optimized Emote Size: While it would be nice to see this bad boi back on the site, :kappa: actually was an emote on the site but was removed a very long time ago.
  3. Back with some more fixes, bois. ---> (just fixed some white/gray pixels) :trubbish: ---> (the actual fixed emote; for some reason when I originally fixed it the actual image was missing from the game's wiki) ---> (it's been forever but I never noticed how it wasn't vertically aligned with the Bluecrab emote ) :alulaspeak: ---> (fixed and smoothed out like the Niko emotes) Request to rename :gote3: to :gote2: now that the original :gote2: was removed from the site's emote list.
  4. Here's the fixed versions of :Pillnom: Gif Version: Apng Version: (appears stationary w/ orange background on the forum, opening the link shows it as transparent/animated)
  5. you fix emote do you?


  6. It's been 3,000 years...but it's returned! :jansmug: is back, baby! Original Version: Fixed Version: This is the cleanest the image can be, as the largest the actual image is (when replicating it 100%) is around 100x100, so it's a bit blurry at 128x128, but I want it back dag nabbit.
  7. Find the video source of that face and I can make that happen. Was deleted since I couldn't find the source to get a higher quality image. Edit: found it, posted the fixed emote.
  8. A true revival of the true legend, that of the beloved :janshady: Larger version of the original emote prior to deletion ( )
  9. Discord Tag: The Predecessor#2236 Chrome dev tools? While I know how to access and have limited use of them, I lack any real in-depth understanding of the tool set as a whole. Experience? Not in the slightest.
  10. When going through My Raffles, the numbered tabs and arrows only go up to a specific number rather than the total available. As seen in the 1st screenshot, the available tabs that are clickable go up to 64, when there are actually 66 total tabs, the last 2 being unable to be accessed aside from changing the URL to the page number. My guess as to the reasoning for it is most likely that any one category in the raffle section being limited to the amount of raffles you've made altogether (2,542 raffles published altogether; 64 pages with 40 raffles each comprises of 2,560 raffle slots). Cancelled raffles still show up in the My Raffles section but don't count towards the total raffles count, thus causing a runoff and pushing off an amount of raffles equivalent to the total raffles you've cancelled to inaccessible tabs. Seems more likely than it simply having a hard limit of 64 pages.
  11. Emote Fixing 2 (Hundred): Eclectic Scootaloo :tsareena: ---> :bloblol: ---> ---> ---> --->
  12. Just a few little fixes to other thingamajigs. --> --> --> -->
  13. Yeah that's true, but you can keep it in, just means there would be a bit of empty space on top like this: I'm just going through the list of smaller emotes and updating them to larger sizes, thus I kept the finger cut off like in the original. But it's your emote, the decision to leave it like the original or change it to be uncut is up to you. Whatever your choice, I'll edit my original message to that particular one.
  14. Just a few little things to fix, dunno. (why does it still show the old image) ---> :crystalheart: ---> (just fixing the dimensions of it, from 136x128 to 128x128) ---> :blobthumbsdown: ---> (I'm an idiot and forgot to fix a bit of fuzziness on the thumb) I don't know if you really want, but with the Google animal emotes, I can just remove the space to make them all 128x128 instead of 136x128, though that's only a technicality at best.
  15. Giant marshmallow, keeps eating cables, smells of raisins, has a fake horn but can still do magic somehow. I rate 8.3/10, not enough purple, deals with me any time I somehow break the website, he's a good horse Bront.
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