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  9. People are people. If a person is deadset on being as annoying as possible, they're going to find a way to do so, regardless of the amount of plugins, safeguards, or any other server changes implemented. Not to mention that maybe some people "chill out" by just practicing and killing people, might not even mean any harm by doing so. Different people have different ways they relax.
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  11. Going to have to argue the contrary. At the time the ban for that server was issued and from the limited amount of time I had been in that server (to find info on the bans), I had seen other things such as plans to have users create accounts to talk about the footrest situation (also saw it play out later in chat myself) and other plans of targeted harassment. Also the fact that private information and photos of people in the community were pinned in different rooms of the server as well with the specific intent of making fun of and belittling said users. Not everyone in the server was banned during that time from what I saw, only those who propagated the shit being talked about in there were punished, and a few of said banned people were unbanned after making an appeal. Regardless of if the server is different now, from personal experience, I'd have to respectfully disagree with the sentiment and say that their bans were justified.
  12. Good response, was afraid this drama was going to get more and more out of hand, but hopefully this can put all the drama to rest. Of course there's more stuff that could probably be added (like the threats and propaganda from you-know-who's server that you had posted in the original raffle) to make this statement more concise and complete, but I'm sure that that as well as some other stuff will be added as time goes on. Get some rest, you need it.
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