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  1. *puts fridge on desk*

    1. Cory


      Well look how stupid you look now! Now you put the fridge on ya desk

    2. The Predecessor

      The Predecessor

      You aren't getting any of the Mtn Dew I'm putting in it now.

  2. Going to have to argue the contrary. At the time the ban for that server was issued and from the limited amount of time I had been in that server (to find info on the bans), I had seen other things such as plans to have users create accounts to talk about the footrest situation (also saw it play out later in chat myself) and other plans of targeted harassment. Also the fact that private information and photos of people in the community were pinned in different rooms of the server as well with the specific intent of making fun of and belittling said users. Not everyone in the serv
  3. Good response, was afraid this drama was going to get more and more out of hand, but hopefully this can put all the drama to rest. Of course there's more stuff that could probably be added (like the threats and propaganda from you-know-who's server that you had posted in the original raffle) to make this statement more concise and complete, but I'm sure that that as well as some other stuff will be added as time goes on. Get some rest, you need it.
  4. When going through My Raffles, the numbered tabs and arrows only go up to a specific number rather than the total available. As seen in the 1st screenshot, the available tabs that are clickable go up to 64, when there are actually 66 total tabs, the last 2 being unable to be accessed aside from changing the URL to the page number. My guess as to the reasoning for it is most likely that any one category in the raffle section being limited to the amount of raffles you've made altogether (2,542 raffles published altogether; 64 pages with 40 raffles each comprises
  5. Giant marshmallow, keeps eating cables, smells of raisins, has a fake horn but can still do magic somehow. I rate 8.3/10, not enough purple, deals with me any time I somehow break the website, he's a good horse Bront.
  6. Things that I've noticed for the time being that should probably be acknowledged, since I see no other forum with listings yet. On "The Hidden" mode on the Custom Server, the Hidden's ability to super jump is broken and unusable Consequently, there are a lot of maps in the listing where it is nearly impossible to win as the Hidden due to the jump being broken, such as the numerous high ledges on Sawmill Due to the "meta" of the Hidden gamemode (standing in a corner the whole game, preventing the Hidden from stabbing you while waiting for him to starve to death) a
  7. Spy-cicle is an attempt at countering Spy's weakness, which can be neglected if you learn timing and movement. I say "attempt" because the Spy is the weakest class in the game. Razorback is a complete counter to Spy for the Sniper, who is the strongest class in the game. Allows you to completely ignore Spies, as they can only shoot you and your team can easily respond to that. Direct Hit one-shots light classes, destroys Heavies and Pyros, ruins Engineer buildings, is impossible to dodge at close-to-mid range, and can completely stuff out other Soldiers. Fast projectile speed esse
  8. If we're talking crutch items specifically... Scout: Crit-a-Cola, Sandman/Guillotine combo Soldier: Direct Hit Pyro: Reserve Shooter Demoman: Quickiebomb Launcher; Scotsman's Skullcutter Heavy: Pretty much nothing Engineer: Short Circuit Medic: Kritzkrieg (probably) Sniper: Darwin's Danger Shield; Razorback Spy: Spy-cicle
  9. Any of the following: Expensive items Some amazing form of art, words, interaction, or self-expression Having a cute avatar, colour, and/or emotes That's...really just it, apparently. From what I've seen, at least. For me though, any raffle is a good raffle as long as it isn't advertising an auction or trying to cause blatant drama.
  10. There's actually a good deal that can be said about just how stupid it is to allow auction advertisements in raffles, and many of them you've listed nicely above. The fact that all other forms of advertisement, including things such as puzzle raffles in addition to normal trading, not only makes allowing auction advertisements illogical but completely hypocritical. The reason for Jesse's poll ending with auctions being favored 2:1 (made a comment regarding that in that particular raffle) is that there tends to be 2-3x more open auctions at any given time than there are raffles (as
  11. "Heard you talking about Pokewaifus."
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