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  1. Completed the quest in which you have to create a public raffle, I didn't even made one and I don't really know how it got completed Also the same with private raffle, but I actually had to create one, but I didn't trade items. PS: Just don't remove my EP
  2. And which mode is your favourite one? I actually like to play from time to time all of them, but mostly competitive. I wonder how many people will read this
  3. What the hell is going here?!?
  4. If he/she buys exactly same item, probably yes
  5. KarlZo

    How 2 raffle?

    Here: https://scrap.tf/help/raffles
  6. KarlZo

    The cookie

    While you were all busy posting in a topic about cookies, I ate a real one.
  7. Banned for creating a chain
  8. Banned for not providing the ban reason.
  9. KarlZo

    The cookie

    I steal your cookie while you are busy finding a picture with cookies
  10. Banned because you didn't feed the hoovy
  11. KarlZo

    The cookie

    While you were asking: Where did the cookie go?, the cookie was already mine.
  12. KarlZo

    The cookie

    I steal your cookie while you are busy following me
  13. KarlZo

    7000 posts

    We reached 7000 posts, yay!
  14. KarlZo

    The cookie

    You have put over 50$ to this site so I can steal your cookie and you will not even notice
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