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  1. I wrote on your wall (Scrap profile) i'd like to volunteer for live support and never heard back from you. You're the only person it sends me to So i'd like to volunteer. Please let me know. 


    edit: I wrote on your wall 13 days ago to specify the timeline and why I'm writing here now

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    2. lesse


      Was just saying to wait a bit longer instead of following up, let's stop this stupid argument now, please.

    3. Captain Oblivious

      Captain Oblivious

      Slem, I'm not arguing with you nor do I have an interest in doing so

      None of what you have written on this has been helpful or relevant to my original post on their wall. Ex: Calling me "Clingy" it's uncalled for and unprovoked


      I agree with your last part though; I'd appreciate it if you stopped 




    4. Luki


      Neet has received 22 pages (1100 comments(!)) of merry christmas comments recently. Asking in chat is easier and you get a response directly.

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