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  1. I wrote on your wall (Scrap profile) i'd like to volunteer for live support and never heard back from you. You're the only person it sends me to So i'd like to volunteer. Please let me know. 


    edit: I wrote on your wall 13 days ago to specify the timeline and why I'm writing here now

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    2. Captain Oblivious

      Captain Oblivious

      How so?

      It says to write on their wall.

      This is their wall as well, plus its been nearly 2 weeks. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to follow up with someone on something. Please remember that i DID originally write on their scrap.tf profile. 

    3. lesse


      Maybe you are just being too clingy? Without offence, this isn't the first time you complained or talked to 3xlneet. They are staff they are busy running the site too, they probably don't have time to reply to everyone and follow up on everything.

    4. Captain Oblivious

      Captain Oblivious

      Its been 2 weeks and this is about an application. I've literally only talked about this twice (including now)


      I'm applying so that I can potentially help alleviate problems other users have had. I enjoy helping others.


      If you're having an issue with me following up on an application i submitted 2 weeks ago you are free to report me if you feel so strongly about it. 

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