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  1. And also the only thread in Off-Topic... gg
  2. Indeed! And let's not talk about how deep you can fill it~
  3. You can squeeze a butt in a comfortable way while you kiss. Butts win.
  4. This boop image looks another thing..
  5. I guess that the trade with the highest profit that I have done was when I bought the unusal pyromancer's + a lot of hats for one bud. The guy had to add until the value of the trade was equal or higher and for some reason he added more of needed.. stil lwas very nice from him... I think that's the one where I have made the highest profit.
  6. Yeah, probably what Nathan said.. He gave me all of his items because he stopped playing TF2.. I take great care of them though. YY
  7. 3xlneet


    Arms-gold-coke deal *beep**beep**beep**beep**beep* -Payday 2, Framing Frame Day 3 sad
  8. I wonder what's for dinner

  9. Geel will teach you all the secrets of profit that you didn't know. He's the one of "scientists hate him for knowing it!". We need him. Marie for vicepresident.
  10. Needs more Pyro dodgeball with tons of cactusses.
  11. He would fix all of the robots in Earth and we would all be rich! wwww
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