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  1. I've seen it used but in chat mostly. I'm not sure about raffles
  2. :wuboh: https://feen.us/tgvc3h.png
  3. :wubsnuggle: https://feen.us/v52w2f.png
  4. Discord Tag: Scratch#5712 Chrome dev tools? Yes yes and yes Experience? I probably have more experience in writing software but I've made efforts to report issues in things I use (when contact is possible)
  5. there a wub emote in the fourm software :csdsmile: These are so much better
  6. Fandoms tend to always be easy to spot when if you keep your eyes out for them, or just have reason to notice them. Just try to notice all the anime, or pokemon, profiles on steam. The furries and the bronies tend to stand out more due to them being more "different" then other fandoms, but don't really occupy a significant part of the tf2 community as a whole. As to why they are there at all is most likely just due to the nature of the internet.
  7. It's kinda cute when I take over their minds and make them attack their own buildings
  8. voting NP cuz no Black Ops 2 fix vote plz
  9. We need more sections for other games. As mentioned in another thread a Payday 2 thread would work great, I can think of a few games that deserve a section: CS:GO DOTA 2 Gmod Im sure ppl can think of other games to add. If we don't get more sections, Betman will be disappointed. How could you say no to that face
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