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  1. As you can see from one of Jesse's previous replies, he stated that Luna was not underage when he received the picture but is unsure of the date it was taken. If he actually is 17 in the picture then yes it would make the picture illegal but let's be real here, it wouldn't make him a pedo. They are 2 years apart in age.
  2. One packet of cheap noodles.
  3. Should probably make a ticket about it here instead of asking about it here.
  4. No new musics in over a year? This needs to change! John Cale & Brian Eno - Spinning Away
  5. I don't think TF2 is dying. I mean sure, it's not what is used to be but I think it's still doing rather well at the moment, especially for a 13 year old game. There is a new community created update project going on called creators.tf. You could check that out. (I haven't tried it out myself but I've heard some good things about it.) There's also a lot of community created gamemodes and even a community created MvM campaign called potato.tf. When casual became boring for me I started focusing more on the competitive side of TF2 which really breathed new life to the game for me.
  6. It works fine for me. The stun duration is just very short so it may be hard to notice. I recommend only getting the first tick since the other levels wont affect the stun lenght making them not so useful.
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