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  1. If you're reading this,
    You're awesome~♥

  2. I'm somewhat feel like people are missing the point, or just have different views on the event. Your recipient and santa are two different people, Your gift should be worth receiving regardless of what your santa got you. Whatever you gifted doesn't go to your santa, it goes to your receiver who probably gave a bit more than a reclaimed. It's fair saying you were disappointed, but saying the event was a waste of time and that you're not gonna bother with it again is unnecessary, giving is ATLEAST 50% of the fun~<3 Of Course, I assume this outlook on the secret san
  3. For me, the slight disappointment was quickly removed by my favourite gift :3 Surely you all got something for christmas that is just as good as TF2 items~ I got a new mousepad o3o
  4. I've heard something about an android emulator in which you can download the Steam app onto, I don't know how valid this information is but if you're stuck, it's worth looking into
  5. Hey, don't let some Grinch ruin your Christmas! That's what the Grinch wants!
  6. Indeed :3 I hope you have a merry christmas Dima o3o
  7. *Waves* Hia Dima!~ I'm curious, what was your experience like in the event? If you entered, that is.
  8. Even though for me it was a flop, the secret santa event was great for me and I'd love to see it again next year. The Origin-Gone-Steam™ idea of Escrow was a probable cause for the disappointment some of the participants experienced. Maybe, given some addition features, we will indeed see this event next year although I myself can't think of anyway to ensure the success of the event without excluding users or some sort of filtering system. Just know that by gifting something or attempting to gift something, you have excluded yourself from the section of the scrap.tf community that
  9. I was more upset at the fact that someone couldn't take my gift yet they entered the event. My gift could've gone to someone that actually put in effort to make this event work.
  10. Receiver was a grinch and my santa didn't gift anything #RIP Merry Christmas ya'll
  11. I would much rather be the one giving away a higher value item and getting little back than vice versa, if I can use that in this context.
  12. What would you consider a standard TF2 gift you can give without feeling like you either are not giving high enough or you are getting something much worse in terms of value?
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