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  1. Why do I have to rape so early?
  2. Sometimes i dream about me sleeping. Its some crazy SHIT!!
  3. O dude look its a plane! I'm gonna go to the bathroom. with your cookie>:)
  4. So go to the image posting website and go to your IMAGE LINK Right click the image and press "Copy image link" then post it k?
  5. Dude just throw away your computer. This is basicly trying to get attention xD
  6. 1. Circling Peace Sign L'homme Burglerre - $39.84 2. Aces High Copper's Hard Top - $94.62 3. Dead Presidents Towering Pillar of Hats - $104.58 4. Aces High L'homme Burglerre - $151.89 5. Miami Nights Hotrod - $84.66 6. Aces High Conjurer's Cowl - $239.04 My dream hats... (That i got in the sim) i'm pretty bad.
  7. Lets all take a quick look at the off topic last posters haha
  8. You cant really "hack" its mostly password guessing admins or sql injection but i guess you can call sql injection a "hack" (its exploit btw)
  9. Why did I have to fly so early?
  10. Hello, ladies and gentleman kiddys of scrap.tf forums. My name is Pingu! i'm a dark market graphics seller (Known on v3rmillion and hackingforums and leakforums as "Pingu") I've played tf2 for about 1-2 years. (Some of my designs Yes yes i do lead a penguin group in v3rmillion. But ya i hope to see YOU ALL AROUND!
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