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    What's so interesting about interests? It's not like you're gonna care about if or anything. That's stupid.

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  1. So giving opinions equates to instigating drama? Oh, let's restrict people's opinions because it's gonna hurt others' feelings.
  2. Woah, that is totally worth a post. Nice postfarming, pleb.
  3. >off topic >everything and anything >#blamegeel thread locked pls explain
  4. Generic forums game... How to Play Start a sentence with 'If life gives you _____' and fill a random thing, such as lemons, car, Leonardo DiCaprio. Then the next person has to finish the sentence in any way, shape, or form. After that, the next person has the think of another question. Example X: If life give you lemons Y: Make lemon frag grenades! If life gives you babies Z: Step on them etc. etc. I'll start. If life gives you a shovel...
  5. Not granted, because you already have one. I wish to end this thread.
  6. Reviving old threads, eh? Let me join in the fun!
  7. If you want friends, go outside. I'm sure people are friendly there, instead of being tech-zombies. Now, what are we doing again?
  8. Delicious pone I made today. Please give me tons of likes.
  9. Thanks for all the support. leaves the building
  10. Worried about not having many posts? Afraid that people might laugh at how little your post count is? Come to this thread and post as many posts as you want. If you don't like that idea, treat this thread like Facebook and post whatever you want.
  11. That's why I never use the revolver as a spy. As a person who plays on a trackpad, I think the slower firing speed is a buff to me.
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