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Why is spy's backstab hitbox broken?


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Spy has a unique ability to instakill with a backstab. But now there are several issues with this mechanic.


1. The backstab's radius is greater that 180 degrees, so you can be backstabbed even when against a wall

2. The knife my glitch through frontal hitbox and get a backstab, this is commonly know as a facestab

 I  would like to know 2 things from you

1. Do you think backstabs are broken or OP?

2. Why was this designed like this and why has the facestab not been fixed?

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The first point isn't true, if you have a cubic hitbox against a flat wall you'll still be in the 180 degree radius if you are hitting them on the sides.


So you can still backstab if you hit within the green sides.


Facestabs only occur if there's a big latency at one of the 2 players. Somewhere halfway the stabbing animation it decides if it's a backstab or a normal attack, if the player quickly changed direction after that choice has already been made it will still backstab them. It is a problem, but not because it goes through the frontal hitbox. It only happens to me once a month maybe, not a big deal. 

Some players think they get frontstabbed all the time, but then it's most likely a matador-stab, which you can do by luring the player to one side, and then quickly walking to the other, making you able to see their backs.


Backstabs are a balanced gamemechanic, possible to do from the start but there's also a huge learning curve attached to it.

It's a latency issue, the only way to fix it would be to calculate it on the client, but then people could really easily use it to cheat.


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Those who complain about the Spy's backstab hitbox, clearly aren't skilled enough to avoid the close range of a Spy. Honestly, if you're having so much issue, become a Pyro, Soldier, Demo, or Scout. Demo and Soldier can pepper explosives to keep him away from your back hitbox, Scout can avoid him so long as he isn't a god-tier trickstabber, and Pyro... spam m2. 


But seriously, I think ValVe intended on this, as if you think about it, Spy is one of the weakest classes in the game, 2nd to Medic, due to Spy having to rely solely on unpredictability and stealth, while blending in, which is VERY difficult against veterans or skilled players that aren't new to the game. Spy needs every advantage he can get, so long as it isn't those damn forced crits from the Ambassador, so for ValVe to allow Spy to kill anyone from any angle, so long as it's aimed towards their back, and within range, to instantly kill them, was a smart move from ValVe. 

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