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Whats your opinion on the current development state of TF2?

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TF2 is gotta be just ok, most of the people in casual and some of the community servers are just toxic. I mean I love that its free and especially its unique concept, but if the tf2 community wasn't toxic and there was like a in-game currency that you can earn like overwatch, I can see that it will be better than overwatch, csgo, and other popular games over the years.  The amount of scammers sites and players in general really tick me off a lot, especially when their is a phishing site they're promoting a lot.  I mean I love the artwork and videos on youtube they done, but thats about my perspective of tf2.  

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The developer is slow, but I can wait. The game itself is really good, and it's free. The fact that it is free is the reason why I am still using Steam up until these day. The community is also good, but they're definitely hungry for an actual update, but they're still going pretty strong. Some people on the community may be bad, but the amount of people that is actually nice is much bigger than them. The game's not as popular as it used to be, but it's still a game with the seventh most amount of player count, which is still pretty impressive for a decade-old game. The game's meme is quite strong, even the "I fear no man, but that thing... It scares me." meme which originated from the Meet The Pyro is well known meme, even peoples outside of the game's community have seen this meme before, even if they never watched Meet The Pyro or play the game. I think that's all...

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I think its obvious they are losing motivation for this game(I can't blame them, the game and engine is old). At least that's how I see it. It seems like back then the game was updated 24/7. And now its rarely updated.. A update on VAC would be nice, but it seems like, VAC needed a update since the start. So I'm in doubt they will fix it. Not to mention the servers crashing now because of some bots joining servers and crashing the server.. But even with lack of updates, and good anti-cheat, the community is still here,and thriving, its kinda insane almost. I'm in awe 

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