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  1. Helloooo to ny'all reading this! Did I just use "ny'all"? I did, didn't I? I'm not even a furry...


    AN-Y-WAYS you're probably not wondering to yourself, "Bro, you've been gone for months! What gives, bro?" Well, for starters my old laptop took one, two... probably at least seven too many tumbles off my bed, which is between 2-3 feet off the ground if I had to take a wild guess. Perfect for dropping babies-- I mean, the perfect dropping distance for causing damage to a laptop over an extended period of time! What does this have to do with my absence? Absolutely nothing! It's all just apart of my tragic backstory.

    So! Fast-forward to when the screen breaks off from one of the hinges, and I am in a panic. Will my laptop survive a decent enough period of time on one hinge without causing too much stress so that I can get it repaired? The answer, as it turns out, is no! Because the closest tech guru said the damage done would cost more to fix than getting a new laptop! I can see the look on your face now, you're scared to death! Believe me, I'd be scared too if I was in your position. But at least the scariest part's over now, right?

    Well, you're WRONG!

    August comes around--wait, was it August? Maybe it was late in July... hm...

    AUGUST comes around and then SMASH! My phone, already suffering from a cracked screen, hits a trash can in my room and gets its LCD damaged. How, you ask? Apparently I moved around a lot while sleeping, including some sweeping motion that threw my phone off of the nightstand. So I get a new phone off Amazon that I thought was an upgrade but

    FAST FORWARD FOR LIKE THIRD AND FINAL TIME and I got a new phone. And holy moly, it can actually play Pokemon GO! Now I can finally level up past 9! With all this new stuff though, it was easy to forget about anything unimportant. Also the Olympics were on. Also I'd been watching Overwatch. A lot of Overwatch. I'm still behind. SO, to tl;dr: I'm writing a lengthy, two-page long explanation about why I left because OH LOOK A DOG!


  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUaWhZXN08g How does this song work?
  3. Banned for not banning Pikemon
  4. Banned for using two font sizes
  5. Banned for also using really
  6. I am currently home right now. Please leave after the beep. Wait, no I was just-- *BEEP* :o


  7. Banned for telling people to ignore you despite having a <3 in your name.
  8. Granted, but you're never here at its most active times. I wish for my own copy of Shovel Knight.
  9. Granted, but it's a Shedinja I wish for better ping while playing TF2
  10. I've never actually used these forums until now.

    I've been using scrap.tf for 6 months and I only now decided to use the forums.

    Is it because of a lack of productivity, or a lack of motivation? Don't actually answer that; it's not important! What is important is that I say something funny or witty to end this status!


    But first, let's talk about parallel universes.


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