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  1. The forums. a place to be!

  2. Hope ya'll having a nice day

  3. guess i’ll write something nice

  4. Sad to see you go Karet. but anyways its your life you decide. cya in the future hopefully
  5. I will be honest with that one. Because Every single farming server are kinda already full And i mean real 100% full
  6. I Don't Want only Farming. It make's no fun moderating scrap.tf to be honest. on people's behavior Cuz most of them are idling :S
  7. Link to your profile on rep.tf: http://rep.tf/76561198039795894 Your age: 17 Your time zone: +1 GMT Amount of time you can dedicate: 1-4 Hours Depends on the Players Do you have and can use a mic?: Yes (Not Using Most time) Any previous moderation experience?: Yes. I Ever been an Admin on Small Communities. and Ever been Owner on Some of my Own servers. Anything else to add?: Scrap.tf Rocks.
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