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  1. Discord Tag: Bjorngomes#6240 Chrome dev tools? No Experience? Yes, I've been play-testing a hat in time a few weeks back and surprisingly enough i know how to find bugs
  2. The forums. a place to be!

  3. Hope ya'll having a nice day

  4. yeah i don’t like the current rank name. i want the “donator” tag back to be honest.
  5. guess i’ll write something nice

  6. I could try to improve it, but this one is an example might think of a better one more that fits scrap.tf
  7. Sad to see you go Karet. but anyways its your life you decide. cya in the future hopefully
  8. If this is going to be on scrap.tf then i recommend a Badge for it. for peoples that are translating it. the badge would be like the earth ball.
  9. I was thinking about giftable priority. which can be given away, raffled away or Redeem it away (if you dont have the priority. Lifetime not Included) Its a Website stuff. Since i wanna sometimes gift some peoples priority. Also must be some rules about it You are not able to make profit of it (selling it away for example) If you have Lifetime Priority and wanted to Redeem Priority gift. You cant. i mean. seriously? Giftable Priority gifts cannot be refunded Example to see how many giftable priority u got (Ur able to Redeem, Raffle or Gift it away) Menu: Priority Gift: (0) (0) (green is Priority and Blue is Priority+) Hope it isnt a bad idea. or maybe it is Share your opinion!
  10. Well... I've Seen in the Chat That it might be an Issue If those Coupons would expire in 1 day. It is almost Unable to Redeem them. So How about when the Coupon itself is about 7 days before disappearing They will get Automaticly Denied Allowing the User to get a chance to redeem the coupon Hope you like the suggestion
  11. I will be honest with that one. Because Every single farming server are kinda already full And i mean real 100% full
  12. I Don't Want only Farming. It make's no fun moderating scrap.tf to be honest. on people's behavior Cuz most of them are idling :S
  13. Link to your profile on rep.tf: http://rep.tf/76561198039795894 Your age: 17 Your time zone: +1 GMT Amount of time you can dedicate: 1-4 Hours Depends on the Players Do you have and can use a mic?: Yes (Not Using Most time) Any previous moderation experience?: Yes. I Ever been an Admin on Small Communities. and Ever been Owner on Some of my Own servers. Anything else to add?: Scrap.tf Rocks.
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