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  1. If your computer have low performances you should start to disable the snow if you haven't already do that : go to your settings https://scrap.tf/settings and disable the option "Enable snow overlay" then save your new settings. Sometimes web browser extensions installed can produce lag or bug, you should test to disable all of them you've installed and test to load the main page again. If your performances are better without them try to enable one by one every extension for locating the problematic one. You should also try to open the website in an other web browser just in case and see if you can get better performance on a another one.
  2. I totally agree with Shiny and the predecessor, auction ads need to be banned on raffles. People who's creating content on youtube, make poster on SFM, draw, paints, do music etc ... can share them work for getting feedback on them creations and progress. Sharing art stuff can't be compared to advertising an auction.
  3. Hello there. It can be cool to view our raffle made for the 1M user event in the raffle history page. That's all thanks ^^
  4. And me I want a "Tip all raffle" button, it's more usefull and more respectable than the "enter all raffle" button nope ?
  5. Hello there, I have take a look to the poll feature, so it's what I found. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Polls refresh Every polls are refreshed every 2 seconds on raffles when you have already voted and every 2 seconds also on polls page even if you haven't made a choice. It's almost 0.5KB/sec of bandwidth for each user, this interval can be set to 5-10 seconds ( it's sufficient ). You can also check if the user is seeing this page or not, in this case you should refresh the poll only if the user is focus on the page. A simple example in JS : // Send the Ajax call window.onfocus = function() { console.log( 'Page focus' ); }; // Don't send the Ajax call window.onblur = function() { console.log( 'Page not focus' ); }; Ajax errors Sometimes when one of these ajax call return an error, the 2 sec interval is stopped. And the SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input appear, so I think it's not necessary to display this message for the user and the interval can be relaunched after a delay of 10-20 sec ( for example ). Number of characters per answer We can put 32 answers and 250 caracters per answer, it's really too big. For the first screen I think a global characters limit should be applied ( number max of characters for each and every answer ), it can be 200 chars per answer and 1000 chars for all answers. For the second screenshot a simple CSS property can be apply on the text word-wrap: break-word; The "no answer bug" If you put 32 answers with 250 caracters for each one, you will got a broken poll like this one https://scrap.tf/polls/S48QZ7 ( this poll in a raffle : https://scrap.tf/raffles/CPC9DJ ). Conclusion Yup this is a bug report / suggestion in one post, and that's all for polls thanks for reading.
  6. Okay I have the same problem right now just see : And effectivelly I have also mixed a lot of tf2 items with steam items, just if I can suggest one idea : Add a display error message for error 500 with ajax calls please.
  7. I have tested that and effectively I see a negative counter but I have continue the transaction to see what happened and the steam trade offer is correct. I have try to buy for 60 refined and I have take a steam trade with 60 refined. I think it's just a display bug, it's just on client side.
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