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  1. If your computer have low performances you should start to disable the snow if you haven't already do that : go to your settings https://scrap.tf/settings and disable the option "Enable snow overlay" then save your new settings. Sometimes web browser extensions installed can produce lag or bug, you should test to disable all of them you've installed and test to load the main page again. If your performances are better without them try to enable one by one every extension for locating the problematic one. You should also try to open the website in an other web browser just in case and see if you can get better performance on a another one.
  2. So you can just go here https://scrap.tf/search and check regularly if the item you want is available.
  3. 0 tips 1 tip 2 tips [...] I mean the ITstumbler idea is good, just change tips by tip(s) I don't think adding extras line of code just for 1 tip is necessary even if it fit in one line.
  4. And me on my way I'm still waiting for a "Tip All Raffle" button ... but I guess some things will never be implemented
  5. I totally agree with Shiny and the predecessor, auction ads need to be banned on raffles. People who's creating content on youtube, make poster on SFM, draw, paints, do music etc ... can share them work for getting feedback on them creations and progress. Sharing art stuff can't be compared to advertising an auction.
  6. Pony tyler


    It was already suggested multiple time, and unfortunately no phone app seems to be planned
  7. https://scrap.tf/search You're welcome ^^
  8. Wow dude that's a real suggestion topic, I don't even know how you can made it more explicit Nice job
  9. It's just an example with simple selector, yeah you right I just think personally and it's my opinions Jquery doesn't solve any current problematics so even if the execution time of a selector doesn't make much difference It's executed 7x slower. And nope for me Jquery doesn't make the DOM manipulation more easy than js native, and yup I agree DOM manipulation is a current problematic in the web dev and it's why some new library / framework appeared today like ReactJS. But like I say it stay my opinion and I know it will be too long to remake the whole source code just for getting out Jquery and if it's just for removing it yeah you will not getting much perf than the time passed to re-write everything ^^' Oh not just that it cause a memory leak when too many raffles are displayed ( more than 1000 ) , it happened on the 1M user event nobody was abble to scroll at the bottom of the page because of serious and expodentials lags ...
  10. Okay no problems here is the perfs comparaisons : , And yeah I know because jquery is currently used all of the scraptf source code need to be rewrited, but then it's a good occasion to fix some bugs and non optimised parts of code like timers displayed on the main raffle page: One setInterval for each timers ... anyway. It's not an obligation, but yeah the website is really slow on my phone so ... can be cool to make it lightest with or without Jquery ^^ And for bonus ( https://scrap.tf/raffles/NSDYQY ), XSS security issue appear after this raffle was modified by a moderator ( you should fix that it's a bit dangerous ^^' )
  11. Jquery is outdated today, before he was usefull for sure but now it's anti productive and just make website slower. On the past browser for making the same think you needed to write the same code in two different way all the time, just look how it was complicated to make an ajax call before : It's why Jquery was created and why he was usefull before but now js API are standardised and there no reasons for using Jquery today, we can use js native ( vanilla ) without any problems now. Example : Jquery : Js native : You can find more example and speed comparaison here : http://vanilla-js.com/ And here you can see the compatibility of js api between major browsers : http://caniuse.com/#compare=ie+11,edge+14,firefox+50,chrome+54,safari+10,opera+41,ios_saf+10,and_chr+54,and_ff+50
  12. Hello there. It can be cool to view our raffle made for the 1M user event in the raffle history page. That's all thanks ^^
  13. Optimized for mobile ? The website is in responsive but it's not make everything, I mean ... It's not ergonomic and it's really slow on mobile. So why an app ? Because you can make some optimizations, better caching, and eventually you can also see scraptf in offline mode ^^ You can also remove / remake some part of the website just for app users ( like removing "servers" in the menu ). But yeah actually the best thing to do for beginning it's making a better web browser version ( remove the fat jQuery, minify the source code ... )
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