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  1. I got a single piece of scrap metal...
  2. Join the bandwagon, I'll be the conductor. Both my recipient and gifer haven't responded since Day 1
  3. An average win chance of 0.1% in almost every raffle and people get teary eyed if they win 0 out of 10 That's not the topic of the discussion though.. I've won about 95 and around 15 were mine
  4. Sorry for the incredibly late response. I've been on a little hiatus. This person has been banned, if not already
  5. Megaraffle IMO just will not work in the longrun. People will realize its just an easier way to enter big raffles without having to actually look, the number of people submitting items has and will keep going down until hardly anything goes into the pot. The comments are just a cesspool of people who have only have entered 10 raffles and complain non-stop about how they never win anything. In general I think it's just going to make the community here more toxic with people constantly spamming that they want to win just like it was in Geel's Flash Raffles. There will be no thank-yous and friendly socializing, just constant spam. How can ScrapTF make the Megaraffle better? Here's some of my thoughts on how to make it better (I will probably re-post this in a suggestion forum) 1. Upgrade the layout of the Megaraffle. I think we can all agree it's a little clunky and some parts take up a lot of unneeded space 2. Change it to a weekly or monthly raffle. 24 hours isn't enough time to get people hyped over a raffle and want to contribute their big items. 3. Add rewards for small and big contrubitors such as profile picture hats, badges/achievements, discounts for buying items from the bots, or maybe even special Marketplace.TF coupons
  6. If you have a problem joining raffles too much that you actually miss out on your job and school, then that's a whole separate problem that you have to deal with. Try getting a new hobby...?
  7. The hell is a pokeman. Is that what you kids call it nowadays?
  8. It's pretty despicable. STN Sponsors favored TF2 youtubers, and now a charity event, though what they are doing is far from charitable.. taking keys from a great community and selling it for more ref for profits. If only those poor fellas knew
  9. geel in the forums? "Now I've seen everything..." Also that's a pretty sketchy move for STN to do.
  10. Let's try to revive this dead forum. What is your favorite/preferred build in the game? Personally, I have 3 favorite builds that I use 1. Sniper Picking off specials (Works from Normal to Death Wish) 2. Tank Absorbing damage and dealing it (Works from Normal to Mayhem) 3. Support Picking off non-specials and reviving (Works from Normal to Death Wish) +4. Stealth Stealth stuff (Works on all difficulties) Use http://pd2tools.com/ to show off your builds
  11. 2nd last post about 2 years ago That's too bad, it's a good game.
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