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  1. Hey man welcome to the forums and thanks for having so much energy. :3

  2. I spilled soda all over my keyboard and it's sticky Q_Q

  3. uhh, if this is a suggestion it should goto suggestions not general dissussion. Also a Scrap.TF app was in development some time ago but was canceled and was never developed for some time.
  4. Banned for overthinking.
  5. How does one life?

    1. PhantomProgrammer


      I dunno, I don't have one myself. :3

  6. tew

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Granted but it's covered in insane pay walls. I wish for a funny joke.
  7. tew

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Granted, but the llama is dead and the color of the fur washes away. I wish for my graphics driver to work properly.
  8. Banned for punctuation judging.
  9. Banned for being to shiny.
  10. Banned for not favoring a color, Come on man, Purple is cool :3
  11. Banned for putting "for" twice in your reason.
  12. There's a great website just for this called loadout.tf. You can test TF2 loadouts there and will report if there is conflicts.
  13. tew

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Wish Granted, but the hat is so good it gets robed. I wish for peace.
  14. Banned for 2 much floof.
  15. Banned for being r00d Q_Q
  16. Banned for being incorrect.
  17. Uhh, i'm new to this thread what do i do. Q_Q
  18. Banned for banning memes
  19. banned for not enough floof.
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