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  1. This was discussed before, and I don't understand how any of it hadn't gotten implemented despite the fact that even Jesse gave his own inputs and contributions to it.
  2. Okay, I have absolutely no idea how possible or impossible this is, but it's worth a shot. What if there was a setting that allowed you to put your own personal emote to use in scrap.tf? How it could work: You could set a picture up to 128x128 in the settings page somewhere, and the emote could definitively be called something like :personal: (or :personal0:, :personal1:, :personal2: in the case that having multiple is possible), and everyone who uses :personal: will have the emote they've set to show up. When others use the :personal: emote, you will be able to see what they have set for it. If no picture is set up, a default picture can show up instead. This could allow people to use an emote that wouldn't be accepted in Custom Emote Suggestions due to the large number of emotes that already exist, which is also due to the number of personal emotes that have already been accepted.
  3. I fixed out some of those weird looking lines best I could
  4. I made too many :usergrey: :userblue: :userp: :userp+: (if not, :userpp:) :usersp: I didn't want to fight the one emote/post rule, but it's hard not having these all or nothing.
  5. Hey man, the guidelines are at the top of every page in the Suggestions category, remember to read them before making a suggestion https://forum.scrap.tf/announcement/11-guidelines-read-here-before-posting-a-suggestion/
  6. Make the comment spam cooldown a little more flexible in a way that allows users to make multiple comments in a row when they need to, but still be good at preventing spam. It's honestly a little annoying to not be able to make two comments when you want to but still come off as spamming. I can wait ~30 seconds, but if there's a possibility to make an extra comment quickly, why wait? Suggestion: A small window where you get to make x amount of comments (that isn't <2) before the spam notice is made, and the window can be y seconds long. This could be implemented and tweaked for every user regardless, or for users who are commenting on their own pages (profiles, raffles, auctions). Just on the side, whenever the spam cooldown takes place, it would be nice to see how long we have before we can comment again (similar to the raffle entering cooldown).
  7. If there is a reason for someone to be banned to the point that they can never come back, the reason is probably justified thoroughly, and the greatest action can be necessary. If anyone found a banned user and they did something potentially dangerous, maybe found through their raffles, their curiosity is a factor in its risk of return. Also, they're never coming back, so their history as a raffler should mean naught of harm to any kind of ethics. And they might not be deleted, just hidden (even if it says otherwise). What even is unethical about erasing somebody's raffles from a website? They're raffles that generally no one will ever see again or have a reason to. And if you did have a reason, maybe for nostalgic purposes, just accept it as a caveat that this person decided to be a megabitch somehow. Also, it's possible they were mass hidden to fail-safe for any and all harmful things that the user had said, in all their raffles and in their comments. I couldn't agree more with this action because some things are easy to miss, and the biggest kind of erasure is the safest.
  8. Oof You could probably appeal for the last ban you got if you haven't already, but depending on how it goes there's a chance they have a reason not to accept it.
  9. If you wanted your profile ban gone, then appeal it. Have you tried appealing it yet?
  10. If they add this, I hope it's a toggleable option. Although, couldn't you just, like, check the megaraffle to see if it's new or not? They even tell you how long it has before it ends.
  11. That's pretty much how it works, however the real controversy is their usage in public raffles since it's basically akin to using them as a "public" puzzle raffle.
  12. To be honest, if it's supposed to be a puzzle then it should go in the Puzzle Raffles section. This is actually how the Puzzle Raffle section came to be. When raffles came out, people came up with the idea of a "puzzle raffle" when they put a private raffle with a password in a public raffle. This did end up becoming a trend, so it was moved into a brand new section for that purpose. And because of that, it would be ridiculous if the section were to be seen for naught once again when there is an inclusion of a private "puzzle" raffle in a public raffle. The puzzle raffle section doesn't evoke a lot of attention, but that's where puzzle stuff belongs. I don't pay attention to these puzzle events even if they're in the public raffles section, because I don't want to solve the puzzles when I'm not looking to. All it does in the public raffles section is garner more attention than it would in the more obscure, but appropriate, puzzle raffles section.
  13. I think that if Jesse can do that, return a value from the editor and popup a notification, then it's still possible he can add a character count somewhere outside of the editor.
  14. This would be really nice. I've had story raffles, paper-esque raffles, and occasionally the char limit would totally cut some of that off. It's a total drag to have to remember what I wrote. And this affects how much of others' raffles I get to read sometimes too.
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