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  1. Lol :lol: You thought you were getting a tip, but it was me, Lol!
  2. :blobsquare: A blob flesh wall so you can blob out all the whitespace on your raffles
  3. They actually removed the button a long time ago because, iirc, there were problems with it. You should be declining your trades by going directly into the Steam trade window and hitting "Decline Trade" at the bottom.
  4. They're running a business, not a game. Scrap.TF provides its services for fair trades or to turn profits, and a roulette that worked like this would hurt that. Not to mention that there are a lot of active premium users, who would each have access to this service and they would lose ideally thousands of scrap per day. However, a service like this would entice people to stick around longer, further increasing the value they will lose. And, with an investment, all premium users would have a chance of profiting off of a service like this once their winnings outweigh the cost of premium in the first place. I do not like the idea of a roulette that would hurt their business in this way. But roulettes are a cool idea. I don't think the winnings should be in-game items, because of the way their business works. It could be a chance for cosmetic site features like avatar hats, profile styles, all of that business. Or even a site currency, it could work. But not for winning in-game items.
  5. This was suggested and rejected four days ago: They didn't explain why they rejected it though.
  6. Oh my god, I have always been wanting a big poll overhaul. The current poll system has felt limited for a while. Mind if I add some ideas? Some more settings ideas: Close or Open Poll. Give the option to toggle when you want people to vote on your polls. I would love to be able to archive my polls for viewing without the risk of skewing results after the poll was meant to be not voted on. An option to reopen them could be implemented too if a closing option exists. Allow or Disallow Result Viewing. Poll results are automatically allowed to be viewed at any time. It would be nice to keep it hidden as a toggle option, which is helpful for preventing bias or keeping the poll votes only to you. Disable comments. Raffles have them, so why not polls too? View who is voting on your polls. A not-so-private stretch, but who the heck is voting on my polls? Enabling something that allows you to see who voted would be useful. Tell the voters that the poll creator will know who is voting as well, just for consent reasons. Definitely should be an initial toggle, or else you would be able to keep the option hidden and enable it later. Other ideas: Copy to Clipboard. Sometimes I'm on a window that doesn't allow me to copy from the address bar. On mobile phones, I occasionally access the site from a redirect, which doesn't even let me view the address bar. And on other occasions, it's a hassle to copy it from a phone in the first place. A "Copy to Clipboard" button with the poll address in a field next to it would make copying the link easier. Special Characters. Poll system doesn't allow some special characters in the title, but does allow them in the choices? It's a little inconsistent. I've tested some characters here in this poll. Allow poll change when editing a raffle. Once a raffle is created, as in assigned a link only you have initially, you can't change what poll it has, even when reediting the raffle. As it's been so far, the only way to "edit" the raffle poll is to cancel the raffle and create a new one with the new poll instead. Multiple polls on a raffle. A bit of a stretch, but it would be nice to display more than one poll on a raffle. And same here, I don't know how difficult it is to implement a "big poll overhaul", but these are just my ideas.
  7. Chemoeum

    A Scrap.tf App

    I apologize, but this needs to be said. On account of all of your prior suggestions I write this post to you, and I hope you will understand better what it means to suggest. First, please read this. From what I've observed, it is clear you haven't read them too clearly (or at all). When you are coming up with suggestions for the site, are you not weighing any factors? Are you not checking the Rejected subforum to get an idea of what you shouldn't be suggesting? Do you think it would be worth resuggesting because you saw no remaining consequences that would have made it not worth suggesting back then? Do you have any good reasons backlogged for the suggestions you are making? If so, then why don't you present these advantages to back up your idea? And, if not, why would you suggest the idea in the first place? Some things I've noticed: Spitballing ideas directly on the suggestions page isn't a very good way of suggesting ideas, unless you can actually back them up with good reasons. Being unclear or vague is also not a good idea, as we struggle to understand what you want out of your body paragraphs sometimes. Also, this one's not just in the forums, but you tend to miss a lot of rules. The guidelines I gave you earlier are just above the title of this thread. TL;DR, if you didn't read it at all, literally just read the guidelines before you suggest.
  8. Chemoeum


    Um... clarify please?
  9. If you're going for the tab idea, what about moving the white line inward to the middle? Like a ribbon with a stripe going down the center.
  10. Noice Any particular reason why the animated ones were added non-animated though?
  11. Chemoeum

    Buy in Raffle

    Raffles were made to be free for everyone. If it was something you buy into, it’s gambling, and should not be implemented as an option.
  12. Resuggesting this one in case it was because it was converted incorrectly or cut due to limits: :etgheart: (APNG)
  13. I've never had problems with forgetting to change the time limit, but this sounds like something that should have been implemented a long time ago.
  14. Did you mean the thing next to the username or the brainwave scanning badge? The best quality I have. Not transparent around the corners but still probably easy to work with. This is the exact image of the brainwave scanning badge, directly from scrap.tf. (You may have to click on it or open it in a tab if it doesn't show up.)
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