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  1. The main suggestion. I noticed that a lot of new users do not acknowledge the reply arrow or even know what it is when replying to comments in a comment section. It looks more like a "share" button to me. I suggest changing the reply arrow to something more discernible. The best option in my opinion is to include the word "Reply" somehow, either by replacing the arrow with it or simply placing it next to the arrow, which is how it is usually displayed in most other websites. + A little extra optional thing. Sometimes multiple comments are made by the same user, and a reply has been made to one of them. However, this reply can have contradictory meaning, because there is hardly a way to figure out which of the two comments of this one user has been replied to. Or say a comment that has been replied to has fallen down the comment section and finding the comment is a hassle. A jump-to-comment function for replies to comments might help. I think it may make a better replacement for clicking the @ reply tags. Clicking on the @ reply tag should jump to the original comment and (possibly) highlight it.
  2. Remove the ability to add weapons to raffles

    True, it already has been rejected
  3. Show to users that comments are disabled for them

    Raffles that have comment sections telling you that you can "say something nice~" is quite a false fact to them when they find out that the comments were disabled for them all along. It's even worse to those who put all of their time into making essay-long comments because they would only find out they can't even get it through after spending all that time. If the comment section told a user that they cannot comment there before they write out their thoughts instead of after, it would be a little easier on their part. Maybe even have it greyed out so that they can't select it either?
  4. Custom emote suggestions

    :etgrobot: Ya reading this, Charz?
  5. Custom emote suggestions

    I'm thinking of fixing up my :scrambler: emote Full image 128x128
  6. Word by word story.

  7. You're banned

    Banned for using punctuation
  8. Word by word story.

  9. You're banned

    Banned for asking questions
  10. Change One Word

    Gravy boat
  11. Word by word story.

  12. Corrupt a wish :3

    Granted, but something goes screwy and you will have to do even more work I wish I knew how to use Thunderbolt
  13. Corrupt a wish :3

    Granted, but the other main characters will find you annoying. I wish for a scarf
  14. boobs

    Um wat?