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  1. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    Custom emote suggestions

    :etgheart: "That one's just firing off the shelves!"
  2. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    Custom emote suggestions

    :soldierstare: I took it from here, if you wanted to see it.
  3. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    How to incentivize users to Read the Rules

    The popup sounds like a great idea. However, I think if it starts popping up too often and people continuously don't choose to read it, they will get used to skipping it anyway. If to some extreme, it might even discourage them from commenting completely (which does help reduce bad comments, but it makes the community growth do the same). The timer is a great idea though. I think with it, it should just happen every once in a while, kinda like the captcha page. Also, the rules themselves are displayed in a popup whenever you click on the button on the bottom of the page. Having the rules pop up these every few times might work instead of a popup that links to them. Well, those were my (not-so carefully) thought out ideas.
  4. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    [Ideas to] Fill in Empty Space Where Win Chances Were

    I was thinking that the font size increase might make it look weird compared to the rest of the text. Centering it directly sounds like a better plan imo.
  5. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    [Ideas to] Fill in Empty Space Where Win Chances Were

    Or center it. Lemon squeezy
  6. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    Add a "Won Auctions" page

    True. I don't use auctions, but this does sound like something that should exist.
  7. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    :8bitheart: Should be re-added to the Emoticons list

    :8bitheart: is a Steam emote. That's likely why you can still use it.
  8. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    Follow/Suscribe button.

    This was a suggestion before. Not sure what they might have thought about it though
  9. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    No Sandviches Left In Bots

    Some people like to collect them, use them in a raffle series, or they have a Collector's kit to complete. The bots should definitely be able to replenish within a few hours, or maybe even days.
  10. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    cannot buy csgo skin

    Scrap.TF won't buy or sell because they will become untradable again for another week if it happens.
  11. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    cannot buy csgo skin

    Valve changed CS:GO items to become untradable for a week once they are traded away. Scrap.TF is not buying or selling CS:GO items right now because of this.
  12. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    Minor issue with the new update

    I have the same problem when I use the touchscreen on my laptop monitor. Sometimes the buttons don't show up, and I almost accidentally deleted a few comments because of this
  13. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    Custom emote suggestions

    :ablobmarch: Loooop
  14. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    Custom emote suggestions

    As long as the pic is 128x128 or smaller and it looks nice and coherent, it should be fine. Seems you're good to go!
  15. Chemoeum | Scrap.TF

    Custom emote suggestions

    :bricks: :blobpeekright: