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  1. let's fall 


  2. Eminem had too much of Mom's Spaghetti.


    But at least he isn't chocking now.


  3. Epic gamer moment:


    when you do nothing.


  4. "When your the mayonnaise and mustard, you can't relish it"

  5. and you have no good reason for it? Like, something happened to you, and you feel terrible now? ever feel like that?
  6. :limegreenscout: emote, because I want his guapo face on this site! (if someone would optimize this emote that'll be great.)
  7. Here's an Mother 3 emote! I call it :eeriesmile:
  8. I present forth to you :pinkguy: emote! (I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet.)
  9. Can we get the :millennial: emote?
  10. Do you enjoy it? I do.
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