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  1. Why not. Maybe multiple flags for all languages one can speak?
  2. How would this be beneficial to Valve? If it isn't, they won't allow it.
  3. What about checking the trade before accepting it?
  4. Banned for just negating the reason. This was already here a lot of times.
  5. Banned for having the same number of letters in your name as the number of my eyes.
  6. Yes. Here is the symbol if you want to copy: ≥
  7. Banned for recognizing too much
  8. Banned for(int i=0;i<cat;i++)
  9. Do you have a fast enough internet connection? Scrap.tf sometimes looks like this when I try to load it on slow internet.
  10. Granted. You now have a good grandma. Or what did you exactly wish? I wish for Team Fortress 3 with 12 classes.
  11. ………… ............ There are 12 dots in both rows, but something is different…...
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