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  1. I remember seeing it as some ridiculous number within the millions, so I checked back today to find out I now only won 1 raffle.
  2. When I went to create a raffle today, I realized some information was missing. Craft numbers and the "crafted by user:" is not showing anymore. Not sure if this is a removed feature or a bug, but I came to report it anyways. For Example, that is my Shotguns Shoulder Gaurd crafted by Hatebi, but on the site, it does not show that anymore like it used to. Thanks in advance.
  3. Why does it say "pass word is quack attack?" @Faxon Fury
  4. This is a fake CS:GO/TF2 gambling site hosted in the Russian Federation, the site is brand new (less than a month old) according to google, I wouldn't trust it at all.
  5. Wasn't blaming you, just speaking to the whole thread. @Ezekiel
  6. Well, the problem was fixed, but the solution caused another issue. With the solution of removing the warp feature, it is now impossible to access things like the apartment, the boxing control room, the garden roof, and the VIP room. What I recommend is bringing back the warp feature, but making it donor only like it was intended to be. All the issues with the admin room abuse were with random people (non-donors) who had access to it. There hasn't been a case where a donor has abused the admin room from what I've seen playing on this server. Even if you can't remove access from the admin room
  7. The "!warp 18" is a huge problem. There have been people camping the admin room with stickies, people have been abusing the doors and skeleton features in the room, and I have even come across an admin impersonator who was claiming he was a server admin because he could access the admin room. Also, warp 17 (Apartment control) was removed from the menu before because people were abusing it. Now that people found out you can still get there, I cannot even step into the apartment without being killed. I hope these issues are fixed soon. Good work on this post, Jolly!
  8. https://youtu.be/g6-pqbAOzg8
  9. Minecraft trading server back in 2013, didn't use the site until mid 2014 though.
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