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Secret santa disappointment


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On 12/25/2015, 8:34:58, TheλngelGαmer said:

Why can't they automaticly take presents from people who didn't gift and give them to people who did

Wouldn't that be theft? If you didn't send a gift, there's nothing to take. And besides, the user who didn't send a gift would need to confirm a trade, it can't automatically be taken away. :P

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You know, when I give Christmas gifts I expect them to be given to someone as a gift, you know, for Christmas.

It's a slap in the face to be told that not only is my Secret Santa a two timer who built me up to make me expect something[not being stingy, he asked what I wanted in terms of items or whatever and I said just get me anything, it's a gift]and ended up not getting anything even after a nice long chat with each other, and then after that being told that MY gift recipient was also grinch who didn't give anything at all, and now I have my items back in my inventory.

Pretty petty.

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I'm somewhat feel like people are missing the point, or just have different views on the event.

Your recipient and santa are two different people, Your gift should be worth receiving regardless of what your santa got you.

Whatever you gifted doesn't go to your santa, it goes to your receiver who probably gave a bit more than a reclaimed.

It's fair saying you were disappointed, but saying the event was a waste of time and that you're not gonna bother with it again is unnecessary, giving is ATLEAST 50% of the fun~<3


Of Course, I assume this outlook on the secret santa would only apply to those that didn't enter to hopefully turn a profit.


"Let's turn those frownth, upthide down" - Samuel J. Jackson

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