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  1. it should be right though, shouldn't it, Sharkie?
  2. Banned for a "Fate stay night" avatar, that is also a .gif
  3. Wish granted, but you ended up getting ANOTHER "You're Eternal Reward" I Wish for a good hat
  4. This thread should end............................................. Here
  5. Banned for not having a smile, and making my head hurt from all the spinning ;-;
  6. Banned for not thinking glasses and a headset make you look cool
  7. banned because you didn't write out "you"
  8. You give them to that person you dont really like If life gives you responsibility....
  9. The power to create anything! If life gives you red watermelons..
  10. Show it to the internet and then go to Russia If life gives you something you DON'T like...
  11. Good luck on the raffle guys!

  12. Sleep isn't needed kids

    1. PhantomProgrammer


      I don't sleep anyways. :)

    2. Ineffectual


      It is highly overrated

    3. PHiSH


      What is this "sleep" anyways?

  13. Granted, but tf2 will never update again. I wish for an unusual hat.
  14. Granted. but you'll have to wait longer for your next trade. I wish i was noticed more
  15. Just wondering how to set my scrap.tf profile pic to a .gif.. Thanks! Edit: nvm i got my answer, thanks!
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