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  1. Banned for correct use of fraudulence.
  2. I was crawling through some of the sites code and I found a reference to this picture, Anyone know anything about the origins of this? I'm quite curious.
  3. Banned because I can't think of a good reason.
  4. tew

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Granted but it's spoiled I wish for my work to be done
  5. tew

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Granted, but it's constantly in flames. I wish I could take more interesting classes.
  6. tew

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Granted, But you hate the job and its hours always conflict with your plans. I wish for a good idea.
  7. Favorite type of soup?
  8. tew

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Granted, but it starts hailing instead. I wish for a nicer jacket.
  9. tew

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Granted but it's frozen. I wish for some tones to listen too.
  10. What is the benefit of sparing such a unlawful creature?
  11. tew

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Wish granted, however, you can only talk to mice. I wish for good grades.
  12. Hello, Just some random things I think about. I feel that there should be a script or plugin that kicks player who change there name on the server. I just see people abuse the fact that players can change there name constantly to bully or put down other plays by putting hurtful messages in there name. Also donor perks would be interesting.
  13. Grammar teacher shared this with the class.
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