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  1. for pyro that space axe thing, it IS a straight upgrade. third degree, was it?
  2. Pretty much this. This isn't mine, but it's an example, all I need is a 10 - 15 second clip of what you want played from a dispenser, and give me 30 minutes.
  3. hitting my head against desks is fun

  4. Dr. Miserable is the easiest achievement in the game, even easier then the "No One Cared Who I Was" Achievement!
  5. meh I like that video but I didn't really want to post it in chat because the obvious.
  6. there's like men that kill other people i dont know
  7. Ooooh, TTT, I have some good storys about this, I played on a TTT server for atleast 7 months, had a good community, There was an admin who was on alot, and we always instantly said "KOS LUCK!" As soon as he joined, (hisnamewasluck) And one of the times we did it another admin put on america fuck yeah as we killed him, we all had a good laugh, I remember being a T and confusing the shit out of the Innocents, because the T room had a teleporter that went from place to place, and back again, I think I actually won that round, and we had a nyan gun for a good while, OP as fuck, literately 2 hit killed, being T was so much easier, before they removed it, that was, There was also an admin called "Crazyon" and every once and a while when he joined he spammed SHITTONS of manhacks, and it was fun as fuck because everyone worked together.
  8. You gotta be mlg to do these, but im 2mlg4u
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