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  1. You can visit Four Stores or just

  2. The user above really, and I mean REALLY does not like a nice, warm, relaxing mud bath in the baking sun.
  3. You should really learn how the website works before saying something you regret.
  4. 1. Probably PAYDAY 2 or Skullgirls, can't really decide on one or the other. 2. Angel Beats! is fav anime, hands down. Nothing will change that. 3. Really, I lie in bed playing games or posting in forums. 4. Watching "Dancing Coach." I mean, seriously, nothing has made laugh more than that. 5. Pretty much every song from the Hotline Miami games, but my fav in particular is Carpenter Brut - Escape from Midwich Valley. 6. Always been a McDonalds man myself. Nothing will change that either. 7. I hate half the playerbase of PAYDAY 2, oddly enough. Kick after kick after kick, and for what reason? 8. 23. Don't ask why, I don't know. 9. Riker Red. 10. To visit, probably the land of Japan. I'd like to move to America though, preferably Los Angeles.
  5. The meaning of life will come to you on the toilet. Trust me.
  6. and why is it Bonnie?
  7. Dimitri

    The cookie

    I could have been cheap and stole your cookie while you were reading this, but I went the extra mile and stole your face Now, while you check the mirror, I shall doubly secure the cookie and your face.
  8. yeh technically it's 101st but it's 100th reply to topic
  9. Really, can you consider the queues queues anymore? Clogs aren't an issue anymore like they used to be, thanks to the brilliant devs and all their magic.
  10. False, I have 1062 The next person has done the Hoxton breakout.
  11. You're banned for bruh.
  12. Granted, but you only moderate the help page. I wish to be William Riker.
  13. Schools buy the shittiest netbooks. They take roughly 10 minutes realistically to load just one fucking webpage. Not good when I'm trying to research possible design choices for a Graph Comm folio.
  14. Total Ecliptic Rainboom.
  15. Banned for being a sparrow with a picture of bitchin' sideburns.
  16. Yellow Swagmeister.
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