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  1. This is to pay tribute to the late great actor, who died earlier today on February 27th. Since I am a growing fan of the Star Trek series (becoming my dad), I felt obliged to make a thread in his memory so that others may pay any respects they have. He lived long, and he definitely prospered.
  2. Granted, you get two peanuts still in their shell, and the shell is unbreakable. I wish for a car with no tyres.
  3. You get an Xbox Live Gold trial. I wish for equality.
  4. Granted, but they aren't redeemable here. I wish for a Slam Jam.
  5. Granted, but you still suffer from sleep deprivation. I wish for a good gif.
  6. I can fly. In my mind, of course.
  7. Nobody wins. Nobody will ever win.
  8. Granted, but it'll take you the rest of your existence. I wish for a penny.
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