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Trying out new classes.

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I am stopping playing soldier (My current main) for a little bit to maybe learn a bit more about engineer and medic. Maybe to one day switch my main class?

Really all I am asking for is a couple of tips of either of the classes, would be appreciated.

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I don't know anything 'bout Medic, but from my experience as Demo, I can tell you what you SHOULDN'T do as engie.


1. Obviously, don't stack your buildings together.

It just makes anyone's job easier, be it a demo, a soldier, or a spy.


2. When upgrading buildings, circle strafe around them unpredictably and crouch randomly.

This throws off most headshots, backstabs, or pills.


3. Don't steal metal from other engies.

I've seen way too many times when two engies would go and try to steal each other's metal and dispenser ammo, and every single time it ended with a big kablooey.


4. When you have a uber push coming in.


*Soldier, Stock Uber

Try shooting the bottom of the medic's feet with your wrangler rockets. The soldier is a rather bulky class and won't fly away easily. If you have the short circuit, use it to zap away his rockets. On the flip chance he has a shotgun and not gunboats, you don't really have much of an option, but you still held him off from using his main weapon on your nest.

*Soldier, Kritz Uber

Play around your sentry with the duo, while shooting wrangler rockets at somewhere between them. This has the effect of damaging the medic, and possibly sending them flying apart. Or, if you catch one of them jumping, lock your wrangler on to them and hold onto M1 for dear life. If you aimed it right, they'll go flying off a cliff or something.

*Demo, Stock Uber

Well... You're fucked.

*Demo, Kritz Uber

Demos with kritz will most likely be on the later part of the charge, since they are kritzed for taking out people, not sentries. Use this knowledge, and try to jump away from them using your wrangler rockets. This has the effect of spreading the demo's stickies away, damaging the duo, sending you clear out of danger, and protecting your sentry with a shield. After you've jumped away, switch to your shotgun and start shooting the medic. By the time you've landed to safety, their charge will most likely be over, giving you the advantage of a hitscan weapon over the demo's projectiles. However, the Demo is your Hard-counter in 99.99 percent of any situations, and will destroy your sentry in a flash, so watch out for him spamming pills at your sentry before he dies.

*Heavy, Stock Uber

The minigun deals high amounts of sustained damage over a short amount of time. It also has a wide spread, which means that the heavy has to get close to your nest to deal actual damage. Don't even bother to wrangler rocket him since he'll fly half a foot away and land. However, his medic is still vulnerable to knockback. Shoot him in the face with rockets, and the medicine man is fated to fly. Your sentry is also protected by a shield by this too. Also, note that the heavy's weapons are not explosive, which means that he can only deal damage to one target at a time. If he's attacking your sentry, circle strafe around it while fixing it. If he's attacking you, hide behind your sentry while fixing it.

*Heavy, Kritz Uber

Same as above, but actively shoot the medic while fixing your buildings.


5. Other stuff.


Try not to leave your buildings defendless while you go cowboying around the entire map. You don't need to be chained to your buildings, but don't go outside the area where you can't see your nest. (Unless you have a Pybro.) If you see a spy sapping your nest, shotgun him instead of wrenching him or fixing your buildings. A good spy will trickstab you before you could land a hit. If you try to fix your buildings, the spy will put down another sapper, since he has infinite sappers while you do not have infinite metal. Killing the spy first will let you fix your buildings in peace.


DON'T. TURTLE. BEHIND. YOUR. SENTRY. That's it. But a good sniper will kill you whatever you do though.


Hoped this helped.

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