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  1. There is this one gamemode called War3Evo or Warcraft 3 Source, an RPG type of gamemode for TF2. You get to use different types of skills and ultimates for each race to use in combat and you can also earn gold, exp, and platinum. In short, its really like if TF2 was partially MOBA.
  2. What would be your personal or other user's quote that you would say to everyone?
  3. But what if some of the people doesn't withdraw? Surely there would be a couple who don't know they received a gift.
  4. When displaying a multiple choice poll on a raffle, it will only allow you to vote only one of the choices. Multiple choice polls only works if you go directly to the original poll through its link.
  5. All you do is just dump all your most expensive items to almost guarantee a win. Sweetsteak: B8 Addiction
  6. You guys really think Geel is going to give you Moderator rank that easily.
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