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  1. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Help and Support?
  2. What an interesting topic based off my favorite team based shooter team defense fortress the seconding edition
  3. I believe if you want to become a supporter for help and support you have to talk to neet.
  4. Beta testing is just the dev version of scrap.
  5. Inb4 I ruin my life for love

  6. Because aiming is hard, that's why I main pyro.
  7. It went so far over your head it's floating in space now
  8. All's quiet on the western front.

  9. Only Aussie I like are the lawnchair and medigun, but normal festive best <3
  10. Uh well we have price lists, but if you need help with the site go to help and support or live support
  11. People just using the cool new gun they found on the ground
  12. I've been beanboozled

  13. hmm i wonder if this would be a help and support question wait this is bait... fuck
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