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  1. Here are a couple of ideas me and m10m10(frequent chat user) came up with to improve the chat experience for many users. Timeout: Disabling the user from sending messages in a room. A better replacement to Gag, as gagging a user sometimes causes more spam than (possibly) stops it, and to actually silence someone. Co-owner / SR mod: A higher ranked room mod, preferably let the owner choose the SR mod /co-owner powers. User Nicknames: Allow users to change their name in a private room. Only said user can change their name and their nickname only stays in 1 room. Pre-recorded messages: Allow users to queue messages for anyone that is offline. Only in private rooms and have a option to be seen privately or by the whole room.
  2. I support these 2 ideas, those indeed makes it more special.
  3. Whenever there is a holiday(whether its a site event or not), the site should allow all users an option to a special custom color/colors related to that holiday for the duration of the day. For example - Valentine's Day = allows everyone to select a pink color for the day. St. Patrick's Day = Green. Halloween = Orange. Christmas = Green/Red.
  4. Currently, the jukebox only supports YouTube links. It would be nice to add Spotify, since it is a primarily music platform that many users use.
  5. I got the Christmas spirit, do you?

    1. Mario


      Not really, doesnt feel like it at all tbh. Its not snowing here where i live so i dont really feel christmas is coming 

  6. favorite bands/artists/types to music?
  7. Rocket Jumping/Surfing Maps and Challenges for special prizes and leaderboards for the fastest time on maps.
  8. am I doing this right??? what do I win???
  9. Ok, I was just wondering why this happens, thanks for letting me know.
  10. I am not sure if I am the only one that has this but whenever I go to my past won raffles, nothing really pops up, just the latest raffle title that I won
  11. UnBoundedCash99

    The cookie

    If I pee on it, does it get to be my cookie?
  12. Banned for having the longest thread
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