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  1. We still in Mexico, bois http://www.overkillsoftware.com/games/silkroad-cartelbusiness I like how colorful this is and the new special enemy outfits. How do you feel about it? Have you bought it?
  2. i highly recommend you get a mouse as it will make your gaming experience way more enjoyable and eazier for you. but if you cant, mess with your trackpad's sensitivity till you find a good sense that you are comfortable with. eventually you'll adapt if you keep playing for a while. for cosmetics, you'll naturally get weapons which will turn into metal if you desire. look on Scrap or Backpack for some prices on some stuff that would look cool. i'd recommend just buying a key and breaking it down and buying stuff, since it is the fastest way to get cosmetics, and its only $2.49. also never purchase weapons from the Mann Co. Store. its money wasted on things you can get for free.
  3. Overkill have created a website that you can use to earn some free masks and weapons. The tasks are for simply looking at their social media profiles and following them, so if you are interested, head to https://www.overkillsoftware.com/payday2-social-safe/
  4. people see certain qualities each site and determines their worth to them, but each site has their own purpose that not many people find useful. Marketplace is for the people that want to sell or buy with real money Backpack is usually for price guidance or dealing with in- game items Scrap is for banking and trading convenience. depending on who you are, you might not like one or two
  5. Here are a couple of ideas me and m10m10(frequent chat user) came up with to improve the chat experience for many users. Timeout: Disabling the user from sending messages in a room. A better replacement to Gag, as gagging a user sometimes causes more spam than (possibly) stops it, and to actually silence someone. Co-owner / SR mod: A higher ranked room mod, preferably let the owner choose the SR mod /co-owner powers. User Nicknames: Allow users to change their name in a private room. Only said user can change their name and their nickname only stays in 1 room. Pre-recorded messages: Allow users to queue messages for anyone that is offline. Only in private rooms and have a option to be seen privately or by the whole room.
  6. I support these 2 ideas, those indeed makes it more special.
  7. Whenever there is a holiday(whether its a site event or not), the site should allow all users an option to a special custom color/colors related to that holiday for the duration of the day. For example - Valentine's Day = allows everyone to select a pink color for the day. St. Patrick's Day = Green. Halloween = Orange. Christmas = Green/Red.
  8. Currently, the jukebox only supports YouTube links. It would be nice to add Spotify, since it is a primarily music platform that many users use.
  9. I got the Christmas spirit, do you?

    1. Mario


      Not really, doesnt feel like it at all tbh. Its not snowing here where i live so i dont really feel christmas is coming 

  10. favorite bands/artists/types to music?
  11. Rocket Jumping/Surfing Maps and Challenges for special prizes and leaderboards for the fastest time on maps.
  12. am I doing this right??? what do I win???
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