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  1. thanks to catmanaxeL for making my new cover photo

  2. is confused.  my steam reverted to limited and idk why  

    1. Guest


      I'm getting the same thing too.

    2. Blah1945


      aparently it was because i had 2 beta passes to give away.  cuz i checked market before i opened tf2 and i was limited.  it said i had 2 new items.  they are give away beta tickets.  i checked again and my accounts not limited now.  so the beta badges glitched me 

  3. You have entered 14,927 raffles in total and won 121 items from 95 raffles.
  4. escrow starts on dec 9 from what i heard
  5. lol even if u lock it i can still win
  6. Woo woo  way to go Jeff Gordon winning into the finals :)

  7. Banned for banning people
  8. lol my crates didn't all sell so i put 680 crates in the incinerator and they were going faster than i could put them in
  9. i can assemble it if need be.
  10. thanks you and yes looking for ether a tower or a laptop. ill eventually get both just in case.
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