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  1. Not only is this in the wrong format, but it's also the wrong resolution and way too big of a file size. I fixed this for you. The frame rate had to take a considerable hit, but it's just barely under the 50 KB mark. Ladies and gentlemen, the "improved": :smugdance: I also have an imgur link for you to see it in action: https://imgur.com/a/Qvls01P
  2. How many Jan emojis do we have? Eight? Nine if we include ? Yeah, we could use some more. :janlaugh:
  3. I didn't know that was possible. I looked for "killstreak" instead of "kit". Thanks!
  4. So you can't find that one killstreak kit on the killstreak banking. Could someone be auctioning it? You go to the search page to see if it's being auctioned. However, you can't look for killstreak kits in the search bar. Is there some way this could be implemented?
  5. :soldiersalute: :salute: is already a Steam emoji, unfortunately.
  6. :kirbysleep: Ain't he adorable? :3 EDIT: For some reason it's not showing up as animated. Take this: https://i.imgur.com/L230AWQ.png
  7. 1. YES! Jansmug is back! Noice is in! 2. When I originally submitted :picardfacepalm:, I named it "facepalm", but the name had to be changed because it already existed on Steam. But the new facepalm still gets added? Sure, our two Picards can coexist, but I'm confused on that.
  8. Well since no one else has made this yet, I've created a simulation of what the blue scarf would look like.
  9. https://forum.scrap.tf/topic/9305-custom-emote-suggestions/ RIP light theme users.
  10. When I was making a raffle, the inventory kept failing to load, so naturally I went to the home page and checked to see if Steam was down. Since the Christmas update, none of the info was there! Could you please add that info back to the home page? Whether Steam/trading is up or down? Thanks.
  11. Awful idea. Said a million times. Enter them all by hand, weakling.
  12. I just thought of another one! I don't know if I should merge this with the last post in the form of an edit, but what the heck? *ahem* Did someone make a super hilarious, totally original joke? Do the numbers 6 and 9 happen to be together in that order? Express just how funny it is with this *slight* overreaction! :hilarious: https://imgur.com/wUE21ck I wanted it to be "hysterical", but apparently it was already an emoticon. Was. Then again, the emoticons on the forums are very outdated, so...
  13. I know someone else has already suggested this forever ago, but I don't think it ever got added, so I'm confused if I can do this. :menacing: https://imgur.com/a/qMyxHm3 I don't even watch JoJo. Think of this as doing it on behalf of JoJo fans.
  14. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: :kirbymusic: I was listening to some music when I thought, "Hey! Kirby listening to music would be a perfect emoticon!" So here.
  15. I was gonna suggest this while blobs were super popular (the addition of animated blobs), but emote suggestions were down at the time. Guess this is a great opportunity! :kirbyowo: https://imgur.com/a/MnZzJ
  16. You know how on the About page there's numbers of how many people have what statuses? What if there were the same thing but for badges? See how many of each badge exist! Good idea or no?
  17. I'll ask for merch! I'd love to have a happy bouncy blob on my desk!
  18. Animated blobs are cool and all, but I never got my explanation as to why Kirby and Meta Knight haven't been corrected to their right proportions.
  19. Huh, I didn't even see that. (Like I'm gonna read through the whole dang thing.) That makes it even weirder.
  20. I didn't know whether to put this in suggestions or bugs. Notice how it says daily, even though it only happens every three days. Could you do something about that? Thanks.
  21. That is one of the absolute worst ideas I've ever heard. If you gave some stranger an expensive item and they said they'd pay back in a week, would you trust them?
  22. Jesse, 3xlneet, other staff members, you're probably tired of seeing me here. But I can't help but wonder... You said this forum was now only for upgrades, right? So I posted my upgrades, right? They made Kirby and Meta Knight the correct proportions. So what's the problem? Is there a reason they can't be fixed? I at least want to know why that is. (Also, there are a lot of emoticons missing on the forums, that too.)
  23. I thought Jesse wasn't taking any new emotes. If that's not the case anymore, then I'd have my Kirby and Meta Knight fixes!
  24. Thank God for that. I hated the Hidden so much. Now if only we could get FF2 back or VSH.
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